The Fear mongering officials and staff will not win in the end

Since Mayor Lofty has found out that his Mayor-ship is purely ceremonial, he is now attending functions such as the Folk Festival pre-volunteer party, even though he has never volunteered in White Springs for anything to  my knowledge.  In fact, I am uncertain if he actually was paid or if he volunteered at the H>O>P>E> Program at one time.  But we are told that nevertheless he was fired by Helen Miller by reason that he made children sit in military style; threatened them and by stealing food meant for the children so his own child could have a special birthday party.  That was not nice.

And for some time, we know he worked at a call center in Lake City and we were told by more than one person that he wasn’t living in White Springs.  In fact when he was running for School Superintendent, he verbally cut down Hamilton County and said his children would never go to a Hamilton County School.  But yet he feels that he can make improvements to White Springs and tell us how to act and speak, since he was a “Military Air Force Sarge”  

I would not usually pick on anyone who served in the military.  I realize that each job is important no matter what it is, unless I realized that everything that came out of ONE’S mouth was a lie.  And that is what I see in Lofton.  He actually believes he is the “savior” of White Springs and unfortunately the rest of us realize there is only one savior and that is Jesus Christ.


Soon he will learn, that the reason the people who are in or work for Town Hall (Tracy, Andrew, Steve,  and Tonja) is because they have to do what Rhett and Stacy tell them to do.  They may not have ideas of their own; They may not object’ They will always agree; or they will find themselves out of a job.   That is a fear-based Management technique.  That is why you find everyone lies to save themselves.  And we wonder, after your resolution, whether you have completed your indoctrination Mayor Lofty?

The problem is they have no idea that they are fear-based managers — and no one around them will tell them the truth!   And if we do on our blog, they call us idiots and liars. They use fear to control people instead of trusting their teammates and inspiring them to do great things. Fear-based managers evaluate everyone they meet and quickly decide whether each person is predator, or prey. Anyone who looks like a predator — including a job-seeker who shows a little too much self-confidence — is shown the door at once.

Fearful managers are afraid of everyone they meet until they establish that they can cow and bully them. Fear and hostility are two sides of the same coin. They turn into pit vipers when their authority is questioned. It’s not worth it to you to pretend to be meek and pliable when you interview with a fearful manager. Fearful managers do not want to learn anything new. They already know everything they want to know and have no interest in exploring new ideas.

It is sad when even our Police Chief has to fabricate stories to save herself and protect others.  She has certainly been no help in the war against drugs and pedophiles.  And even though FDLE is certainly in charge with crimes against children and drugs, instead of investigating someone for such crimes, they want the complainant to do all the leg work. This is not just a White Springs thing but it happens frequently in the 3rd Judicial Circuit.  It seems as though justice has become political when it comes to certain families.

That is what is happening at Town Hall these days.  The Town Manager and Mayor plus two other council members keep everyone in line including citizens by placing fear of retaliation.  And then Mayor Lofty worked with them to place a resolution which was against our first amendment and the bill of rights.  Thank God it did not pass so we or someone else had to take another lawsuit against the town.


What is interesting is Frederick Koberlein, esq. toward the end realized how poorly run our Town was.  He even refused to write the letter which must be signed and sent as a final notification to Dr. Miller.  Instead, Stacy’s attorney, Mr. Elkind had to write the letter.  The payments of these attorney fees for Stacy, should be construed as bonus money and given to her on a 1099 or W2 if taxes are taken out.  Stacy Tebo is getting benefit no one else has received and this is because Rhett Bullard is too afraid to look bad; yet, he did at the hearing, bless his heart.

The idiots on the council couldn’t even address their motions correctly for each of the charges and they don’t even know what Malfeasance is, even though Frederick Koberlein explained it fully.  Charging Dr. Miller for the acts of requesting is certainly beyond the pale and definitely not illegal which imputes malfeasance..

In the world of the Third Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida I have heard Attorney’s talking about too many attorneys for the number of clients available. That’s WHY it is so surprising that when we, as a town, advertised for attorneys to be our town attorney no one, nary a one applied. Can it be that the problems of White Springs following the law and the ordinances has permeated the local judicial grape-vine and no one wants to take on a basket case that is White Springs. Even the marginally effective attorneys in the local area didn’t apply.

Tonja Brown and John Rhett Bullard can read the charter until they are blue in the face but the Charter is not the only law which the officials must abide by.  There are statutes which apply  in not only the Florida Constitution but in the U.S. Constitution.  That is why real attorneys are required to dig through the actual facets of the law and for a jury and judge to come to some conclusion.

There is no coverage for the Town under the General Liability Policy through the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust pool  (FMIT). Municipal Insurance pool means the entity, organization or constitutional officer of the Declarations of this agreement;  Designated member does not mean employees of agents of that entity or organizationTherefore, Stacy Tebo would not have coverage under the General Liability policy of the Florida Municipal Trust policy because she is not a designated member;thus Frederick Koberlein, esq. statement that the Town (its citizens) should not pay for our Town Manager’s attorney’s fees;. It does not make sense for an employee to sue a designated member of the Town AND THAT WOULD NEVER BE DONE BY ANY OTHER ENTITY.

This entire situation with Dr. Miller has shown continual and intentional misconduct on the part of Tebo and the clowns.  This is because Dr. Miller is strong and fearless and will not allow these ignorant people the satisfaction of beating her down.

This goes for Rhett Bullard who as an attorney, only chooses the laws he wishes to abide by.  He has stated that Joe Griffin only wants attention; yet it is the law Joe has wished followed. 

After all, Rhett Bullard once said “You want us to admit we did not follow the law?”  Yup, that’s it buddy.


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