Information taken from Stacy’s own words in her Affidavit to the EEOC and information received through :


  • Stacy complained that as the HR department she was aware of the need to conduct a city wide salary survey but complained to Dan Parrott who was hired a year later that it had not been done for five years. As HR Stacy should have placed together information relating to various positions and required changes in compensation prior to Dan Parrott’s hiring to whoever was the City Manager.  But at least she should have provided that information for Dan Parrott to review and bring forth recommendations to the council, since he was new on the job as City Manager.  She did not do her job as HR.


  • Stacy complained that the survey of 2005 did not include newly added position and that Dan Parrott did not feel he had the political support yet to do the survey. She said it was a subject she brought up numerous times over the year.   Again, Stacy should have provided information for Mr. Parrott to review and from a response to her previous EEOC complaint, it was stated Stacy was more interested in her own salary increase and had not discussed the salary changes for other employees in those numerous times.
  • Stacy complained that Ms. Blissett wrote about turnovers because Mr. Parrott asked her to do so and it was a fact that low level administrative office assistants (which were female) were underpaid. She complained it was not Ms. Blissett’s job because Mr. Parrott was in charge. It was Stacy’s Job as HR to place together information on the exit papers of the low level administrative office assistants. If salary was the reason and an assistant was giving notice for that reason, if the assistant was valuable HR should have approached the City Manager to see if compensation could be changed.  As HR Stacy was responsible for placing together information based upon exit paperwork and provide the information to the City Manager in writing.


  • Stacy claimed it was fact that the maintenance workers in Public Works and Parks & Recreation left the City to work in the private sector. She stated some of the reason was pay but stated the other reason perhaps was due to the Director because he was disliked by most of his department.  As you noted is was a “perhaps”…which to me comes from the gossip mill, which HR does not get involved with unless there is a valid complaint..  If this information about the Director was not stipulated on exit papers, then it is a “perhaps” only.  Stacy’s complaints to the EEOC, and her complaints in the lawsuit stipulated discrimination only against women, but her affidavit stated  there may have been discrimination about men and that these men required raises as Dan Parrott provided at a later date because he may not have desired losing valuable male employees.


  • Stacy complained Mr. Parrott was lobbying the Council for a change in his salary and he asked her to use her HR contacts countrywide to provide him with the salaries of all city managers, assistant city managers and city clerks.   That should have been Stacy’s job as HR and there should be no complaint since her responsibility was to serve at the pleasure of the City Manager and subsequently the City of DeBary.


  • Stacy complained that in 2014, the consultant met with employees to perform a job analysis and contended Mr. Parrott was changing what the consultant was preparing and created multiple sets of numbers and studies to implement what he wished to transpire. Stacy made an assumption, not a fact based upon Mr. Parrott’s analysis of statistic data.  Many companies have consultants and that is exactly what they do; they consult on what they feel is best.  That does not mean that a City or a Business will take all of the consultant’s ideas and Stacy should have been happy because obviously Mr. Parrott was doing the job Stacy should have been doing as HR.


  • Stacy complained Mr. Parrott included himself in the analysis and determined that to be wrong because it slants the percentage. Parrott obviously wished an overall analysis because he after all reports to the council and must consider the bottom line and whether such increases are acceptable for the overall well being of the City.


  • Stacy stated her annual evaluation was effective 1/01/2014 and she received a 3% increase; On 1/12/15, she received a 1.08% increase due to the implemention of the salary survey and she complained that the City also inaccurately reports the number of maintenance workers and that the office assistance were not brought up to the market level by Mr. Parrott. She said : “ He could have easily given them a little bit of money it would have taken to do that instead of giving some of the men in administrative positions a raise when they were already up to market levels”   Again if there was a question about this matter, should not have Ms. Tebo addressed it with Mr. Parrott rather than complaining about it.  After all she did not do her HR job it appears and obviously received raises by Mr. Parrott anyway.


  • Stacy complained she was underpaid and overworked. She stated Mr. Parrott ignored her memos and she repeatedly reminded him of it..She stated on 12/3/2012, he finally gave her a salary adjustment because she kept leaving him notes reminding him of her request. She then complained that Mr. Parrott does not generally respond to emails or memos so it would become necessary to physically visit his office in person or leave him a post-it notes on his chair. Her consensus was that he would generally do whatever it required to make that person go away.  If someone kept sending me numerous requests for a salary increase, I probably would tire of that person easily myself. Why couldn’t Stacy just make a time to have Mr. Parrott discuss the matter with her?  I noted her glee when she attributed the salary increase he gave her to her persistence.  That is no way for an HR person to act and obviously it shows that she had no consideration for her boss whatsoever.  I guess I never had to ask for a raise but was always received raises, some substantial, because of my performance and not because I complained…and I was not in HR.


  • Stacy complained that Jimmie the Finance Administrator was given a raise in March of 2013 and in October 2013 without survey or research and an Accounting Clerk warren was given a raise of 7.74% at his annual evaluation of 10/01/2013 rather than 3% like everyone else. Not everyone receives identical raises unless it is just a cost of living raise. One would have to look at performances of duties and it appears Stacy was too busy looking into everyone else’s pay raises than working at her job as HR and Town Clerk. Stacy even stated another accounting clerk would be upset with only 3% and she was ignored.  How would the other accounting clerk know unless Stacy was busy in the rumor mill? There were other factors as to why this was done.  Granted a City’s salaries are public but it depends on the work one is doing, what one gets paid.



  • Stacy complained her pay grade was lowered by two levels from department head because the consultant categorized her as department hear. Although Stacy’s HR responsibilities were removed March 2014 to the Assistant City Manager she complained that it should have no bearing on the importance of her City Clerk Job.  First She complains she has too much work and then complains when her pay grade is lowered when her HR duties (HR is a department head) were removed.  Parrott made a smart move in taking away Stacy’s HR duties because she obviously was more interested in who was being paid what then doing an excellent job as HR.  She should have secured a book on HR practices which even her Insurer loss control department could provide where she would understand the laws instead of assuming everything Mr. Parrott did was wrong.  


  • She admitted she had several conversations with Mr. Parrot about her heavy workload serving as the entire HR department and the City Clerk’s office…and she continually asked for help for four years and that one person could not do it. He responded by removing HR so I believe he listened to her but probably saw what we did that it appears Stacy is not efficient nor organized and yet he gave her raises up to almost $70,000 when she started at I believe $36,000 nine years prior.
  • Stacy in 2013 co-shared an office assistant with the Finance Department which was budgeted from 10/1/2013 to 03/27/2014; then assigned the assistant to work with the Assistant City Manager. Yes, Stacy should have utilized her assistant when she had her at her disposal but since part of her duties went to the Assistant City Manager, I can see where the assistant was removed.


  • Stacy stated her high degree of supervisory responsibility serving as the RMLO for the entire City and was upset that a male with a fraction of her education moved into her office the Monday after she was fired. Can’t Stacy understand that her self-importance relating to her degrees does not make her a good employee.  What we have viewed in White Springs shows a lack of efficiency, organization and an inability to follow laws and procedures.  So why would it matter that a Male was hired.  Obviously with the unfriendliness possessed in Stacy’s City Manager job a male may be far more cordial in that capacity.  Obviously Stacy dislikes males and needs help to find out where that comes from.


  • Stacy was upset that the Information Technology Records Manager was provided budgetary responsibilities which was a requirement to be graded as a department head. Again her self-importance and dislike for anyone to get ahead amazes me.  She is her own worse enemy, complaining constantly and when her complaints are answer, she complains that it lowered her pay grade…but it also lowered her responsibility.


  • On March 31, 2015 Stacy could not find the job description folder which was missing from the shared drive and she asked a co-worker who advised Dan Parrott instructed her to move the files. She then opened the job description file on the City’s shared drive to look at her job description and mentioned the contents of the job description folder were completely different than the last time she viewed them.  She was no longer in HR; She lowered her grade by lessening her responsibilities so what would she expect?  Yet she stated she knew the folder was different but was unclear as to what exactly was changed.


  • Stacy stated the City’s statement said “during the five years of Ms. Tebo’s supervision by Mr. Parrott she flourished. She took exception to that statement as she felt her excellent job performance had nothing to do with Dan Parrott and had everything to do with her work ethic. She cites she has a Type A personality and is an overachiever.   Let’s see, during those five years, she would not assist Mr. Parrott with HR information required of all HR personnel; she continually harassed him for a pay raise and complained about what everyone else was making; her duties were lessened and she still had complaints about her lower pay grade and who was doing what.  Overachiever, she is not.  If she had spent more time doing her job(s) and assisting Mr. Parrott to achieve his as her boss, then I would have considered her a Type A Overachiever.  But it is always about money for Tebo and how much more she can get without doing the work required.  Her self-importance relating to education is nothing if she has no common sense and the ability to exceed her own expectations, much less those of others.


  • Stacy said” I told Mr. Parrott himself on numerous occasions that I didn’t appreciate his comments.  There were some instances in which I did not verbalize my distain.  Instead, I would give him a dirty look so he would know I was not pleased with his dialogue.”Stacy stated she could not count the number of times Mr. Parrott told her she was too emotional and she had no one to go to since Dan Parrott was her boss. In my opinion she is the Master of Manipulation and when she does not get her way she does act emotional; that being an act I believe as well.  She was tearie eyed when I told her she should follow the law and I believe it is a further act of manipulation.  If you have a problem with your boss, you discuss it head on rather than causing problems behind the scenes and giving him dirty looks.  I do not know how Dan Parrott had the patience to not fire her earlier on because she certainly did not serve him well from the time he started as City Manager.  He certainly did not owe her an apology as she so desired; He owed the City her termination and not continual raises which I believe she certainly did not earn especially with viewing her performance in White Springs.


  • Stacy went directly to elected officials to complain about Mr. Parrott, a current council member and a former vice mayor. Part of the complaint was that Mr. Parrott did not wish to hire another woman and she shared his sexist comments with them. She told them “Mr. Parrott said “there’s too much estrogen upstairs: and “women are too emotional and I’m not hiring another woman.” She told them that he offered Jimmie more money to stay (as there were no suitable male candidates), and so Jimmie didn’t retire until 3/31//14.   She said she was irritated because she was not notified when she was in HR that Jimmie would be staying on another year. She found out by asking Jimmie when he was going to retire and Mr. Parrot formalized Jimmie’s raise himself. I’m surprised the Council member and the Vice Mayor listened to her without telling her to mind her own business.



  • Then Stacy became frustrated with the Council Member because he seemed willing to let her vent her complaints, but he was unwilling to do anything about them…Instead the Council member stated in part..During the time I was most upset with Mr. Parrott in May 2014, CM Carson said to me “Well you  know how these city managers are.they’re all like that, some are just worse than others…sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.” Stacy further stated “ I felt really let down as I had just told him I’d overheard Mr. Parrott calling Ms. Blissett the county whore and heard him refer to her and myself as bitches.”


  • Stacy made the accusation that Mr. Parrott becomes irritated when confronted with personnel issues because he does not lie dealing with them….and I might add he should not have to if there was a good HR person on board. She kept asking him what he was going to do about a sexual harassment complaint made on 1/29/2014 and he avoided her. She did not recall him speaking to her during March and April of 2014……but she had time to make notes of some of the outrageous things Mr. Parrott was saying to her  She would immediately tell Stacy things which Stacy wrote down I wrote the following   On 4/15/14, she told me she felt like she was in an abusive relationship because Mr. Parrot again called her stupid and said she wasn’t doing a good job.  He tried to make her feel threatened by stating that a Council Member thought we didn’t need an Assistant City Manager or a Parks & Recreation Director.  I CAN’T GO ON BUT AS YOU CAN SEE STACY CONTINUALLY ENABLED GOSSIP AND COMPLAINTS.  IT IS A WONDER HOW DEBARY MANAGED TO SERVE ITS CITIZENS WITH ALL OF THE CHAOS STACY TEBO HERSELF CAUSED.  AND NOW WE UNDERSTAND QUITE FULLY THAT STACY TEBO IS A ONE WOMAN WRECKING TEAM AND IF SHE WINS THE APPEAL, OBVIOUSLY THERE MAY BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE APPALLET COURT BECAUSE FRANKLY, TEBO SEEMS A BIT TICHED AND NEEDS HELP.


  • . On 4/29/14 Dan Parrott accused Blissett and Tebo of running their mouths all the time about him. He stated they were both disloyal and threatened Blissett’s job if she did not come up with an idea to deal with the “Stacy Problem”. Blissett stood up to Mr. Parrott and told him he had misjudged her and she wasn’t interest in taking his place when he left.She said she wasn’t going to do anything about his perceived “Stacy problem” because she didn’t think Stacy had done anything wrong.   Parrott’s response to that was “You bitch!  Now I’m going to have to rethink my strategy.”He tried to persuade her by saying that I was telling everyone she was an alcoholic.  He added that when he tells her or Stact anything it gets back to him within 3 days.  He told her that she really needed to do something about Stacy because “she is your competition and wants the city manager job.”   He told her that Stacy was continually going behind his back with Council Members.  Stacy of course denied she wanted to be City Manager but added one of the Council Members told her she would make a good one.  Boy was he wrong.  Furthermore, when does an Assistant City Manager go around and tell everyone including Stacy about private conversations with the City Manager.  She should have been fired for this disloyalty.



  • Stacy had an affidavit signed by a former Council Member whichstated that she had complained to him about Mr. Parrott. She stated she did not know him personally the way she knew others so she never complained to him until December of 2013. She said she did not feel comfortable doing it but she had to.


  • Then a resolution did not have Stacy’s name on the bottom to attest the Mayor’s signature. Instead it had the Planning Administrator’s name on it and it stated she was “Acting City Clerk”  Stacy immediately printed it out and asked Mr. Parrott “What the heck is this”.  Stacy tossed the resolution in front of him and he acted confused by Stacy being upset.  He nonchalantly said “Oh yeah, I notice that too when I read the email.”  I said, “Well this tells me that I’m not going to be the City Clerk on Wednesday when this thing gets heard by the council.”  He said, “No, no no….Now don’t get paranoid.  That girl over there must’ve messed this up”  I said “What girl are you talking about?”  He said “Don’t get all excited, it’s just a mistake.  We’ll call over there and get to the bottom of this.  Stacy didn’t let this drop and made a mountain oout of a mole hill by calling the attorney who said he made a mistake. But Stacy even told Council Members about it and what a sexist Parrot was and how he lies to the council all the time.  She stated she didn’t hold back  The attorney even mailed Mr. Parrott an email apology for the mistake but Stacy did not believe any of it.  She felt like she was about to be fired.  Three council members contacted Parrott and she felt Parrott felt he should not fire her. One of the Council Men even called the attorney to have the resolution thing verified and another called Mr. Parrott who gave him the same story.  Stacy was pleased the Council Member did not tell Mr. Parrott that he had already called the attorney’s office and allowed Mr. Parrott to lie to him and he never told him he knew he was lying.  The Council Member told Stacy that he told Mr. Parrott that nothing better happen to her because she was doing a good job. DON’T YOU SEE, THIS IS WHAT A MASTER MANIPULATOR DOES.  WITH ALL THE CRITERIA IN HER AFFIDAVIT AND ALL OF THE DATES OF EVERY INSTANCE, I WONDER WHEN SHE HAD TIME TO FULFILL ANY OR ALL OF HER DUTIES.



  • Stacy also went to Mr. Parrott about Parks and Recreation Director numerous times while I was responsible for HR.   She complained that he is currently on his 5thoffice assistant and that she has heard complaints from all five of these female assistants about him.  She also heard complaints from males in his department too.   One story I heard from his maintenance worker is that the Director liked to boast about the fact that he was the boss and therefore could tell everyone else what to do.  He would say “RHIP” to the maintenance guys as he was driving around on the golf cart during the 4th of July city events while the guys were busting their butts.   When this particular employee asked him what he meant, he said “Rank Has Its Privileges” and laughed.   He seemed to take pleasure in flaunting his position in the organization and sought to make subordinate employees aware that they were beneath them. When one of his maintenance workers left, he filled out an exit interview form; he said a lot of things about the way the Director was running his department and Stacy thought Mr. Parrott needed to see it.  She tried to give Mr. Parrott a copy of it, but he almost yelled at her, she stated and he didn’t care about that particular employee’s comments. Mr. Parrott refused to take the copy from her hand and read it. And Stacy was not certain if a reprimand was ever issued by Mr. Parrott.  I DO NOT KNOW HOW MR PARROTT HANDLED STACY TEBO; SHE WAS A ONE PERSON MANIPULATIVE INSTIGATOR WHO MADE NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS IF THE RESULTANT WAS NOT TO HER LIKING.




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