Tebo lost it in 2018 and here we go again!!!

Demolition of the Carver School would have to be deducted and the Town felt it would be Free. Are you kidding me? What are they smoking?

We and Stacy Tebo seemed to have had a miscommunication.  She believed that the Estimate we received on February 13, 2017, addressed to her regarding the demolition  of “Carver School”, meant the work would be accomplished by Hamilton County for Free.  I stated there was no way the County would do the work for free and that a charge would be made.
In Mr. Louie Goodin, Hamilton County Coordinator’s letter of February 13, 2017 addressed to Stacy Tebo, Town Manager, it was stated The Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners has agreed to demolish and remove all those buildings, currently referred to as “Old Carver School”, provided there is no discovery of asbestos or lead paint.
The County will utilize its Road Department employees and equipment to perform the demolition and clearing of the property.  The following is an estimate of demolition costs for the County to perform work at the Carver School in White Springs
A breakdown was provided stipulating there would be a duration of three weeks at 40 hours weekly with a breakdown for the Excavator, Dozer, Gradall, Dumptrucks, Equipment Mobilization (transport) Land fill fees of 2304 tons; Personnel for a estimated amount of $160,700.
Now we know PCS provided the $13,000 to have the Asbestos removed but at the time of this estimate, it was not removed.  Whether there is Lead Paint, I do not know nor have a record of that.  But if someone gives Stacy Tebo an estimate of Costs how could it be construed that the project would be done by Hamilton County for free?  Furthermore, if Hamilton County could not do the job because of Lead Paint, some other contractor who handles hazardous materials would have to do the job and does Ms. Tebo feel that would be free also.
No it stands as I stated yesterday.  If we get the CDBG for $600,000, we thus would have to deduct $160,700 if the estimate may be the actual cost, minus engineering for the new building of at least $25,000, which would leave $414,300.   Based upon a cost  of $400 per square foot, which is probably low for a hurricane proof structure, the so called Community Center may be 1,036 square feet.  Not much square footage.
Karin for the blog
Why not try a hurricane proof modular building and pay on time or perhaps you could get one for the $600,000 minus engineering if you do not tear down the Carver School.

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