Step up to the Plate Town Council


Hamilton county EMS is good at what they do. In my personal opinion this council keeps talking about change and that we need change. Well what they need to do is stop beating beating around the bush and take action Remove Stith from the chief’s position find someone who is actually going to do something for this community one who does not have to ask his employees from Century to come do him a favor an act like they a part of this towns fire department. This council needs to take action they spent hours last meeting talking about the fire department and nothing got done. Steve doesn’t not really care if he did he would not have quit two times before he would have stuck it out been a man/leader knuckle down and do the job no run scared like a little whimp which he has done from any real department from what i have been told. Step up to the plate White Springs Town Council an do your job or we will find people to who will do it. Lets make these Changes to help better protect our fellow citizens. The Game is on the line an you Councilors are on deck lets hit this one out of the park. Stand Up Citizens Of White Springs this is your town let your voices be heard.

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