As Richard the III said in the play by Shakespeare, Richard was quoted as he bemoaned the fact that he was disliked, hated, by all of his subjects “The Winter of Our Discontent has turned into the Springtime of our happiness.”

The Springtime has come to White Springs. The awful night of four years of Winter darkness has lifted itself into a Springtime Day.

One citizen asked me about our, my wife and my, prior relationship, rocky at best, with the Millers while she was Mayor before. My response was that I’ve tried to teach Helen and Ed the LAW and feel I have been somewhat successful. How she behaves in office this time will decide whether we need more primers on the law for her. I don’t think we will need to. Helen has seen the power of Public Records Requests, Government in the Sunshine and Keeping Ethics foremost in the Town’s vision. The Winter of our Discontent (four years of special interests as the Town’s way of doing business) has hopefully come to an end.

I for one am very happy for the town to be rid of  Rhett, Spencer and even Tonja. It is time for real leadership. It is time to clean house. I think Helen is up for it, she best be, or the prior relationship contentious relationship will have to resume again. I talk the LAW and only the Law. Helen does too now. Standby. Every Springtime has its Winter’s memory.


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