Stand up Citizen regarding Lofton’s address? I know Tommie Jones did not say Lofton lives with him and his dad

The question is way is Loftons address different from the house he lives in? Why does it show 10481 first street when he lives on Suwannee street. Does his driver’s license match his current residence? You have 30 days by law to change your license to the place you live unless you have a p.o. box. So he is voting under a false address this sounds like a crime to me.


Karin’s Comment – How much you want to bet that Stacy Tebo still has a driver’s license which states she lives in Orange City because she still votes in Volusia County.  Remember when we discussed her so called contract which she breached and continues to breach, because the council never fixed it.  We had arguments with Rhett Bullard regarding primary versus permanent residents.

Unfortunately both Lofton and Tebo are above the law and Lofton’s address does not show up on the voting listings because he signed a Military Exemption.,

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