Stand up Citizen is Right. If our Council does not take care of the problems don’t expect anyone to invest in White Springs. We have major problems and the Fire Department should be one of the Top considerations.

I still am one to believe that Steve is only the fire chief to protect his little boy Andrew. Why on earth is this man running a fire department he ran away like a little school girl from every real fire department he worked for. This fire department is one joke they don’t train they don’t run calls hell they don’t even live here. The few times i have seen them run a call is one young kid wearing shorts, a fishing t-shirt and boat deck shoes.   This was at a motor vehicle crash. this kid had on no Personal protective gear like bunker; hell not even a traffic safety vest which is supposed to be worn by state law and DOT. This whole thing needs to be changed fire Steve get rid of the little boy Andrew who is afraid of fire an can’t handle the heat. Why is it that not one citizen has stepped up raised hell about this. Just think about it if your house is on fire you best pray someone calls for another department because god knows white springs FD won’t show and if they did it would only be Steve and Andrew two people who are afraid of fire that’s really going to work out for you people get real White Springs fire Steve and Andrew.



Karin’s take:      The only thing mentioned at last night’s meeting about the Fire Department was Vice Mayor McKenzie’s statement that White Springs lost our firefighters.  After the meeting I said to Mayor Miller that McKenzie needs to go further.  She said “All in Time”.  Well I must agree with Joe.  We can’t be thinking about all these eco-tourism projects which have been in the wind for eight years until we fix  water and sewer, get a real fire department and get rid of the drug problems in White Springs plus fix our roads and sidewalks.   And her is Scott Gay who is doing so much for the community and who owns a motel for which he is paying the same mill rate for property tax but has no sewer and water pipes for his motel.  Why not invest in those who are here by fixing the infrastructure? Then maybe then investors will take White Springs Seriously.   Our Town Hall is a serious problem and the people that are to do the jobs are not doing them.  I will be writing more later.

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