Stacy Tebo was found innocent in The Summary of the Rivers Complaint which we know is a lie

I am now reading the summary prepared by the attorney based upon all witness statements including Stacy Tebo’s.  It was stated that based on the foregoing, there is no finding of discrimination, harassment, disrespect or abuse by Tebo.

Stacy Tebo sits in her office, now with the door closed, after my last interaction with Tebo when I asked her why she could not follow the law.  Her answer was “You can’t talk to me that way” and started crying.  In my opinion, she has been so involved with her own attorney and the suit in DeBary that she takes her frustrations on not only Citizens but her staff members.  Just one more thing will take her over the edge.  And our Fire Chief indicated she seemed to be upset the day he walked in her office.  That was the same day she yelled at Rivers.

What upsets me is the statement made by the attorney and possibly the feelings of Stacy Tebo as well:  “Rivers is not the Town Clerk or the Deputy Clerk.  Rivers is not the clerk; therefore, she has no right to attend clerk training. “  This in itself is absurd.  A good Manager would notice that Anita wished to expand her knowledge so that she would be able to assist the Town better.  It is obvious that Tomlinson has had a great amount of influence on each of the managers. But why invest in someone who has one foot out the door, like Tomlinson.

Tomlinson obviously is afraid that someone may do her job better and I can guarantee that in a heartbeat.  When I managed staff, I made certain they attended various seminars relating to their benefit and some of which I taught myself.  I just cannot fathom why the Town feels Anita Rivers could not excel.   That to me is discriminatory and favoring Pam Tomlinson who stated no one does her job when she’s gone.  Well perhaps, Rivers could do her job when she is out.  

This is pure and simple excuses on the part of the Attorney and Tebo and shows that the Town will not invest in their personnel as other Town’s do.  Look at DeBary, they gave Tebo many opportunities.  In fact her salary increased from some $30,000 to $70,000 to find that she could not handle these various jobs and as a result had to take them away from her.  You have not given Anita Rivers a chance and you are basing it on the fact I am certain that she is friends with the Police (which Tebo has no control over), she is friends with Nicole Williams, and that you despise Helen Miller and that Anita respects Helen Miller.  What a bunch of corrupt individuals you are

Insofar as this computer problem, I know for a fact that being taught something by Tomlinson, certainly is not really “teaching”.  The computer software program was purchased by the Town at Robert Farley’s direction.  It is a computer program that would save time and money and many companies utilize it.  Yet Pam Tomlinson preferred quick books and made certain the only place the computer was used was at the Administrative Assistant Station.

 When Rivers was hired, a tech that sold the software system or salesperson should have sat down with Anita Rivers when she was hired as well as providing a booklet of “how to do things”.  Some programs even have tutors so one can learn on their own.  Every time one changes positions with another company they have to be tutored.  I even had to be tutored so I could input food bank people in Ocala for interfaith since the program changed to include all Cities with the same program.  Perhaps Tomlinson hid the book, but in no way would I believe Anita Rivers having antics to cover up her incompetency .     She wouldn’t have had to do so because she was bright and efficient.

Rivers is one of the most intelligent persons and I would have been proud to have had her on my staff when I was in the insurance industry.  She has worked in the private sector and she is fast and efficient.   It is the fault of the Town for not giving Rivers the tools she required to complete her job.

It was stated that “personal animosity is not the equivalent of (race) discrimination.  Yet this personal animosity on the part of Tomlinson towards Rivers has been ongoing and it takes a tool on a person’s psyche. I have seen it on my own.  Tebo will not meet with citizens if they require information but requires mainly Rivers to handle such requests even if she is not a Clerk.  Then Rivers has to go into Tomlinson’s office to request something only Tomlinson has.  Tomlinson sometimes will say she does not have things so Rivers has to inquire of Rodriquenz to assist the matter, to find that it is on Tomlinson’s desk and she did not wish to part with it.

The problem at the Town Hall stems from corruption over the years.  The Town’s officials have done nothing for the Citizens themselves but have broken every law possible relating to  the Sunshine Laws, the Constitution, Land Development Regulations, Ordinances, etc.  There is a certain Nepotism that goes on between the officials and favors for some but not for all.  Tomlinson and Heath have known where the bodies are buried and no one dares to touch them.  Plus it does not bother some like Tomlinson and Heath to do something unlawful if it benefits them or gets the right people in office.

All of you thought we Griffins were the nut cases and everyone pounced on us, stating we were the “bad” people.  Now you see in the case of Rivers and of Dr. Helen Miller what the Power of Three and Stacy Tebo are capable of.  Of course the attorneys are going to make the Town look good and save Tebo because after all they are getting paid to do so.  As a result they will smear a wonderful young lady like Rivers and make it seem like she was delusional.  I guarantee this Town will go down because the Universe does not allow something so bad last for so long without those responsible being caught.

Both Joe and I are honest and we respect the law in spite of what most of you have thought.  We believe in fairness but in the last couple of years, I have seen where all people do is lie to us and become more corrupt.  You cannot believe anyone because they will tell you one thing and do another.  The people do not feel they need to help anyone who is White but will take anything from someone who is White.

 They even twisted Police Officer Meeks statements “While Meeks may have considered Tebo’s conduct to be “a little excessive” he communicated to Chief Pittman that Tebo and Rivers were “exchanging” back and forth with each other. I applaud Officer Meeks for his honesty but obviously this was twisted because how he felt at the moment and what he said to others about the situation would have been mildly lessened.

The same with Rodriquenz who was “alarmed” at Tebo raising her voice, she admits that Tebo has never made her feel uncomfortable.  Rodriquenz would try to make it sound better because White Springs is the only town who will allow her to be a police officer.


I believe this Town has treated Rivers poorly and I have seen these types of actions first hand. It usually happens because people are jealous of someone and as a result they will do anything to place that person down.

What is surprising to me is how ignorant Tebo is in her statements about Miller

Tebo claims that during her first week of employment Miller attempted to persuade her to terminate Tomlinson.  Because Tebo does not ever follow Miller’s suggestions, she believes that Miller does not like her.

Dr. Miller’s attorney should have a field day.  Helen Miller was elected in Office.  Stacy Tebo was not.  Tebo answers to Miller, not Miller to Tebo.  And furthermore, to not listen to one of your bosses’ suggestions is wrong.  But I know that deep down inside, Tebo, that you realize Tomlinson is inefficient and unknowledgeable, but you keep her because she follows you and Bullard and Brown want her because you need non-intellectual followers.  You don’t like people questioning you as Rivers had.

The attorney stated “To be actionable, this behavior must result in both an environment that a reasonable person would find hostile and abusive and an environment that the victim subjectively perceives to be abusive.”

With Tomlinson and Tebo I believe the environment is hostile and abusive  to Rivers.  It is just that Rivers is an honest person and will admit if something has been fixed whereas Tomlinson lies as does Tebo who also tries to find excuses for everything  (i.e. she doesn’t respect me because the elections, Dr. Miller, Joe Griffin, Nicole Williams and the police department).  Notice nothing is ever Tebo’s fault.


Tebo believes that former Mayor and current Council Member Helen Miller had something to do with it.Tebo witnessed Miller telephone Rivers every morning at 9:00 a.m. and have a long, friendly conversation with her.  Tebo also learned that Rivers and Council Member Tonja Brown were not friendly due to Rivers filing an ethics complaint against her.

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