Stacy could be fired for non-performance of her duties but it could backfire on Rhett

How Rhett can place Stacy under the bus and fire her because she did not perform her duties:


  • Stacy’s violated the terms in her employment Contract for the second consecutive year under “HOURS OF WORK”  “The Manager acknowledges the proper performance of the Town Manager’s Duties require the Manager to generally observe normal business hours and will also often require the performance of necessary services outside of th normal business hours.  The Manager agrees to devote additional time as is necessary for the full and proper performance of the Town Manager’s Duties and that the compensation herein provided includes compensation for the performance of all such services……..   Yet Ms. Tebo seems to have a four day week if that, with every Monday spent at her primary residence in Orange City.  If Rhett did not cover her, she would have sued us.


  • Tebo required time to sue the City of DeBary and work with her attorney which she did during work hours behind closed doors. She warned Rhett Bullard if he did not stick up for her, she would sue him.


  • Shall Appoint, and when he or she deems it necessary for the good of the Town, suspend or remove the Town employees and appoint administrative officers provided for by or under this Charter, except as otherwise provided by law, Stacy Tebo violated this provision by firing one of the brightest Anita Rivers but retained inefficient personnel such as Tomlinson and Greene, giving them more benefits than other employees.  She needed her minions who would stick up for her and assist her should she have to sue the Town.


  • Stacy Tebo did not seek council approval when she decided to contact our Town Attorney to secure an outside attorney to defend her. The cost is now we believe $31,399.85 and she forced Rhett Bullard to place it under the rug or she would sue him.


  • Shall Direct and supervise the administration of all departments, offices and agencies of the Town,
    Tebo’s supervision has caused us to lose our best Fire Chief and the majority of volunteers, leaving our Town Vulnerable for no legitimate cause.
  • Shall attend all Town Council meetings. The Town Manager shall have the right to take part in the discussion but shall not vote;
    Yet, she, alone, pressed charges verbally against Helen B. Miller at the meeting; a different set in the newspaper in writing and a different set at the hearing. Rhett can vow he had no knowledge of what Tebo was doing which so far has cost the town $14,565.67. He can further state that Tebo threatened him with a lawsuit should he not provide her with defense and have the Town pay for it. 


  • Shall see that all the laws, provisions of this charter and acts of the Town Council, subject to enforcement by the Town Manager or by officers subject to the Manager’s direction and supervision are faithfully executed;
    Tebo has not followed any of the laws of the State, the US, ordinances, charters or the Sunshine Laws.It would be too much work for Tebo to make certain laws were followed and she needs the money for legal expenses.  She has told Rhett Bullard that she will sue him should he terminate her employment.


  • Prepare and submit the annual budget and capital program to the Town Council;
    Although Ms. Tebo prepares a budget which possibly makes sense, she alone decides when to take money from areas and move them to her benefit without council approval. She advised at a meeting that there is no cap on legal expenses.



  • Shall submit to the Town Council and make available to the public a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the Town as of the end of each fiscal year; The Town Manager shall submit the budget for the ensuing fiscal year in accordance with general law. The Town’s outside CPA provides us with the majority of the information while the Town Manager stays silent and does not follow the requests of the CPA such as not moving Enterprise Funds into the General Funds section.  She  blamed Anita Rivers falsely so will have to blame someone else this time because she is never at fault and will sue us if we try to remove her.
  • The Town Manager’s message shall explain the proposed budget both in fiscal terms and in terms of capital programs. It shall outline the proposed financial policies of the Town for the ensuing fiscal year, describe the important features of the proposed budget, expenditures, and revenues together with the reason for such changes, summarize the Town’s debt position and include such other material as the Town Manager deems necessary and proper. The Town Manager Tebo has never explained why changes were necessary, what is different than the prior year, whether our expenditures have increased or decreased, nor our dept position.


  • Make such other reports as the Town Council may require concerning the operation of Town departments, offices, and agencies, subject to the Town Manager’s direction and supervision.
    We have never received full financial information as to real assets and chattel nor what our expenditures and current assets are.  No full reports are given to the public and Rhett can say he doesn’t understand accounting principles and has left it up to the Town Manager because she would sue him if he asked questions..



  • Keep the Town Council fully advised as to the financial condition and future needs of the Town by providing a financial and budget progress report at each regular Council Meeting.
    The council has never complained because Stacy has advised she will sue them if they terminate her employment and that they don’t need to know the financial condition at each meeting. Part of this is because Pam Tomlinson’s job requirement is to provide such reports to Tebo but Tebo refuses to complain about Tomlinson because she needs less intellectual minions on her side.    


  • Make recommendations to the Town Council concerning the affairs of the Town and all agenda items;
    Items are explained but not in full because things need to be hidden from the council.



  • Provide staff support services for the Mayor and Council members. Tebo didn’t like Helen Miller so she did not have to provide staff report for Miller.  But Tebo has provided support for all of the other council members as long as they do not jeopardize her job.


  • Shall be the purchasing agent of the Town for the purchase of all supplies and equipment in accordance with the approved Town Budget and shall also conduct all sales of surplus Town owned, seized or forfeited personal property which the Town Council may authorize to be sold as having become unnecessary or unfit to the Town’s use.All purchase and sales shall conform to such regulations as the Town Council may from time to time prescribe and shall allow for competition.  These restrictions, limitations or criteria on this authority shall be established by ordinance, including but not limited to bidding requirements.  Tebos major purchases are attorneys as well as copy paper and copy ink so that she may complete paperwork against the City of DeBary.  She also used Town resources for a banker box of paperwork she provided the State’s Attorney’s office regarding Joe Griffin’s blog and e-mails.  No office would allow such personal expenditures buried under General Expenses of the Town but if Tebo is not allowed to do as she pleases, she will sue us.



  • Shall make such recommendations to the Council as the Manager deems necessary or expedient in the interest of the Town relating to the adoption of ordinances and resolutions. Provided, that nothing herein contained shall prevent the Town Council in the exercise of its legislative functions and powers from calling into consultation the boards or departments and other officers and employees of the Town wherever, in the judgment of the Council, it may be necessary. Neither the Council nor any Council Member shall interfere with the conduct of any department head, officer or employee in the discharge of his or her duties.  She, Tebo, has very little in the ways of duties.  Instead she locks herself in the office and will not answer to anyone except by e-mail.  Only three councilors were able to sit in with her.
    None of the ordinances have been organized; job descriptions have not been drafted; personnel manuals are not followed and if Tebo likes a person it is at her discretion to pay for all of their sick time even though only 30 days is allowable per year.  This way she can retain witnesses who will go against the councilors and Rhett should he decide to fire her.
  • The Town Manager may be suspended by a resolution approved by the majority of the total membership of the Town Council which shall set forth the reasons for suspension and proposed removal. (WHERE DOES ONE SEND A SUSPENSION NOTICE TO TEBO; ORANGE CITY OR ?)A copy of such resolution shall be served immediately upon the Town Manager by registered mail.  The Town Manager shall have fifteen (15) days
    IN WHICH TO REPLY THERETO IN WRITING AND UPON REQUEST, SHALL BE AFFORDED A PUBLIC HEARING WHICH SHALL BE CONVENED BY THE Town Council not earlier than ten (10) days, no later than fifteen (15) days after such hearing is requested.  After the public hearing, if one is requested and after full consideration, the Town Council by a four-fifths vote of its total membership may adopt a final resolution of removal.
    The Town Manager shall continue to receive full salary until the effective date of a final resolution of removal.  Stacy Tebo laughs that although a council member can be removed with three votes of the council, a Town Manager requires four.  I think the charter needs to be changed but until Rhett Bullard gets gonads, he is still fearful that Stacy Tebo will sue him and White Springs. In fact Ms. Tebo should she be fired receives 13 weeks of severance which is built in her contract which Rhett Bullard had to renew or she would sue him.


  • All appointments and promotions of Town officers, except those specifically exempted by ordinance shall be made solely on the basis of merit and fitness demonstrated by examination or other evidence of competence and to this end, the Council shall by resolution, establish personnel procedures and policies. Yet Stacy Tebo in her own words takes Percoset, an opioid drug but the council is afraid of doing anything about this because she threatens to sue and no one seems to know if she had a prescription for Percoset from a doctor.  When DeBary secured her deposition she never mentioned Percoset but other non-opioid drugs, so we know she is a liar.


  • The Manager shall develop and keep current an Administrative code for the purpose of implementing ordinances passed by the Town Council. She has never done anything about this.


  • The Police Chief shall be responsible to and report to the Town Manager. The Town Council shall have the sole hiring and termination authority for the Police Chief.
    Stacy Tebo has threatened our police chief with her job and so our Police Chief will follow her every order.  And as a benefit Tebo paid benefits to our Chief when she wrecked a motorcycle outside of her work.   Rhett Bullard has to point out that Stacy Tebo runs the office by fear and that she threatens to sue the Town if she is fired.


Why Rhett is reluctant to fire

Stacy Tebo:


Ms. Tebo can merely say that Rhett Bullard advised her that she did not have to do certain aspects of her job and as a result, a precedent has been set.  After all, Rhett Bullard said himself that as a small town we do not have to follow “Robert’s Rules of Order” which is required by our charter.
The walls are thin and even the dirty little secrets Rhett may have had to apprise our Police Chief may have been heard by our Town Manager, such as the stolen computer and what was on it.


Stacy Tebo may have been purchasing drugs through Rhett Bullard and as a result she may very well know all his habits, which also would be bad to come out in the open.


Stacy Tebo can bring her yearly job performance worksheets completed by the council members to prove they think she is doing a fantastic job (All except for Walter McKenzie’s)


In summary, I believe the reason we are in trouble financially because Rhett Bullard is afraid that Stacy Tebo will bring out his dirty little secrets, including why certain people are favored like Andrew Greene and Pam Tomlinson.  That is a worry!  Stacy Tebo may be able to sue the Town only because Rhett Bullard was the Respondeat Superior of White Springs and since he did nothing to stop the corruption but rather added to it, the Town is screwed.  The problem is that since many of these dirty little secrets may be on the side of criminal behavior, The Florida Municipal Trust may only be able to provide defense.
The Town will be further screwed I believe when the evidence in the Helen Miller case is reviewed by the First District of Appeals.  There is no insurance claim money that we will be receiving from the Florida Municipal Trust and all money will have to come out of our budget and perhaps the Town’s real assets.


We will allow the Commission on Ethics to make a ruling.

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