spencer lofton is a rogue council member and should be removed from office

Johnny Bullard, Chairman of the School Board, indicated that since the school consolidation, the Board wishes to sell all the school properties so as to not only eliminate their liabilities but to likewise decrease their insurance costs which are in excess of $65,000.

Chairman Bullard also explained that most people believe you cannot sue a government entity for more than the $300,000 statutory requirement; however, there are cases and cases which governmental entities have been sued for millions of dollars.  Now perhaps Chairman Bullard should explain that to his cousin Rhett Bullard who stated no one can sue for more than the statutory amount set by the state. 

This leads to another question.  At the time Councilor Spencer Lofton was appointed by the Gang of Three, he started negotiating with the Hamilton County School Board.  The only negotiation the White Springs Council voted on was that Spencer Lofton at the time could ask the School Board if White Springs could lease the building for $1.00.  No other negotiations were directed at Lofton.  Instead, Lofton wasted the School Board’s time as well as the Superintendent of School’s Mitchell’s time and since Lofton had no clue about insurance and contracts, he not only made White Springs look ignorant of general business transactions but didn’t even understand that insurance would be required.  That is when Joe and I got together and asked the School Board through their underwriter what limits of liability and property insurance plus extras were provided, which we placed on the blog.  Also on our blog, since Stacy Tebo makes copies of everything, we told her to handle it since Lofton didn’t understand insurance. Yet no one did to my knowledge nor was the Council apprised as to what was happening, unless they read the blog and not one mentioned it so perhaps not.

Chairman Bullard at the time said that if the Town could not afford electricity for the eco center they could not afford a lease of SHE.   Yet, even up to the election and at meetings Lofton kept telling us that he was still negotiating with Hamilton County and he did not have that right and the council did not approve for him to negotiate on his own in the darkness with the Hamilton County School Board, just like he was not approved to negotiate the  Fire Contract with Hamilton County.  He is definitely a “Rogue” Council Member and should be removed because all Mayor Miller did was “ask” for assistance and what Lofton did was negotiate on his own without transparency and approval from the council.  Not only that but he investigated but lied and said he did not use the word “investigate” the situation between Tonja Brown’s interference and the subsequent removal of Officer Davis.  Lofton just said it was taken care of but did not advise the council or members of the public what transpired or why he made that decision that Tonja Brown was exonerated.  That is also against the sunshine law and Mr. Lofton needs to be removed for cause.

This has to stop and he can show us all the wonderful videos of what we can do for the Town but he doesn’t have a clue about the law, accounting and finance, contracts or insurance.  And it is because of Spencer Lofton and his predecessor Rhett Bullard with their spending spree that lasted for four years, that our TOWN IS NOW BROKE AND ONE MORE CALAMITY AND WE WILL BE BANKRUPT.  THANK YOU TEBO, BULLARD AND BROWN.

In fact Lofton is so ignorant, he has no idea, nor does Brown that when you are awarded a grant, you pay a percentage or as they call it “seed money” which is usually around 25% and then we must pay the “Grant Writers” because Stacy Tebo, even though she advised us of her great experience in grants, can’t write up a grant without a Grant Writer.  It is like having not the three stooges in White Springs, but the four stooges:  Tebo, Lofton, Brown and Tomlinson.  And then you wonder why some of us lose sleep at night when we don’t have a viable Town Manager, or Finance Director plus two councilors that don’t have a clue about government or business.  God Help White Springs!!!


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