So Far the Town has spent $14,565.67 on the Council Seat Forfeiture and $25,950 plus on the Rivers Case for a total of $40,515.67 plus NICE!

I know now why Rhett Bullard chose Allen, Norton & Blue, P.A. as the attorneys for the Jasper deposition because that is the firm Robert E. Larkin III is associated with.  He was the attorney in the Anita River’s Case.


$ 16,950.00         Allen, Norton & Blue, PA (Payable to Koberlein Law Offices)

Includes Investigative Report, review exhibits, Conference with F. Koberlein, Review transcripts of Brownfield and Tebo from Court Reporter, Review witness transcripts and documentation in file re:  Rivers allegations and Tebo’s responses.  Review public records from A. Rivers, Continue drafting the Investigative Report re:  Rivers Complaints; review file with same; Continue drafting Investigation report; A. Rivers Complaint; review file with same; Conference with F. Koberlein re: operating guidelines for White Springs; Review errata sheet from Court Reporter re:  S. Tebo transcript; Review Town’s standard operating guidelines; continue drafting Investigation Report;  review file with same; Review revisions to Investigation Report; Revisions to Investigation Report and forward to F. Koberlein; conference with F. Koberlein  re:  same:

$          499.85     Review and revise to email from F. Koberlein re: White Springs’ report; revise and finalize investigation Report; Travel Expense, Mileage re:  Rivers 05/08/17 and 05/15/17 ($121.00) and photocopies.

$ 17,449.85      Total Billed by Allen, Norton & Blue, PA  (32.30 hours)  (Total Amount by this firm including Koberlein Law Office fees either met in total $25,950 or exceeded that amount)


(  –     7,415.00 )    Payment by the Town of White Springs 7/24/2017

( –     10,064.36)      Payment by the Town of White Springs 10/13/2017


$                 0.00












$           987.50     Prior Past Due Balance on the Matter Paul, Elkind, Branz & Kelton P.A.

$         7,550.00   Research regarding removal based on acts prior to current term of office; Telephone call with Mark Herron regarding procedure for hearing; telephone conference with Stacy Tebo to review evidence and ask questions; Telephone call with Stacy Tebo to review facts and witnesses, telephone call with Police Chief; Thorough review of documents, telephone calls with Stacy Tebo; preparation of charging statement; preparation of email to Mark Herron, research regarding malfeasance; Telephone call with Stacy Tebo regarding additional allegations;  Read letter from Mark Herron regarding continuance, telephone call with Town Manager, preparation of correspondence to Mark Herron regarding continuance; Telephone call with Mark Herron, Final review of evidence, remove documents for final evidence packet; Telephone call with Fred Koberlein, Review evidence submitted by Mark Herron, Telephone call with Fred Koberlein; Travel to and from White Springs Town Hall (reduced and capped per agreement at 2.50 hours each way) ($3,250) met with Stacy Tebo and Pam Tomlinson, prepare questions and opening and closing statements; met with Police Chief and set up for hearing; attend hearing.; Telephone call with Stacy Tebo regarding written order:   30.20 hours

$            201.00     Photocopies


 $          8,738.00      Total due Paul Elkind Branz & Kelton re:  Stacy Tebo and Staff Defense

(  –             987.50 )  Paid 11/08/2017

(  –         7,751.00)    Paid 12/27/2017


$                   0.00








$             550.00                 Paul, Elkind, Branz & Kelton, PA – Draft proposed order; Preparation of email to Mark Herron; Preparation of email to Town Manager regarding execution of Order, read and respond to email from Mark Herron; read and respond to email from Mark Herron regarding service of process; brief review of Petition for Writ of Certiorari, telephone call with Town Manager; preparation of email to Mark Herron regarding service of process.   2.2 hours

$       1,462.50                    Paul, Elkind, Branz & Kelton, PA – Research, Research definition of interference as it applies to municipal officer in the context of removal; Review Summons, brief research; preparation of email to Mark Herron regarding service; Research regarding similar charter provisions being interpreted; Read email and proposed Acceptance of Service of process; telephone call with Mark Herron; Preparation of Motion to Forward Petition to Chief Administrative Judge; Preparation of Designation of Email address; emails with opposing council regarding Motion; preparation of correspondence to judge.  (Darren J. Elkind / Harlan G. Paul)  6.25 hours


$         1,312.50                  Paul, Elkind, Branz & Kelton, PA – Telephone call with Stacy Tebo and Pam Tomlinson; Telephone call with Associate regarding brief; Work on Answer Brief.   5.25 hours

$                 2.67                  Postage and photocopies

$          2,500.00                 Additional research and complete preparation of Answer Brief; Review Order Denying Joe Griffin’s Motion to Intervene; Telephone call with Stacy Tebo regarding Answer Brief and status of proceedings; Read Reply Brief without checking citations, review Request for Oral Argument;   10 hours.  As of 04/10/2018


$          5,827.67                 Total as of   April 10, 2018  Paul, Elkind, Branz & Kelton, PA

(   –            550.00  )           Paid 01/12/18

(  –        1,462.50    )           Paid 02/06/2018

(  –        1,315.17    )           Paid 03/20/2018

( –         2,500.00    )         Paid 04/17/2018


$                  0.00



 Thus Far The Town has spent $14,565.67  on the Dr. Helen B. Miller Council Seat Forfeiture with more billings to come.  This included Stacy’s defense which should never have been paid for by the Town plus the Town’s expense.   If the Town Loses, we can expect the Town will have to reimburse Dr. Helen B. Miller for her attorney Costs and Fees which probably exceed the aforementioned amounts.


This is what happens when you have a Town Manager with no logic and a power of three which have no intelligence or a decent IQ between them.


 Karin for the blog

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