Robbie Brooks introduced us to the Twilight Zone last evening

Robbie Brooks decided to come to one of the First Council Meetings in which he has ever been seen.  A good friend of Rhett Bullard, which he personally advised me at one time, he decided to take out his frustrations on our Town Council.   In fact, during his descertation he was waving his arms and screaming, in my opinion, about how the Council was the enemy and so he turned his back on the Councilors and Staff and spoke to the audience because he said “The Council doesn’t like me”.

He went on and on how the other towns told him not to move to White Springs and that he felt it was a beautiful place  Frankly I did not take down his every word because I felt like the council chamber turned into something from Looney-tunes.  His paperwork which he passed stated that We should save our Town and how Do we do it?   Bring God back!  Get rid of the athiests and bring back Christianity; Enforce Ordinances and add new ones (from our grandfathers).  He said we need to improve and protect our historical District and to Change the perception of Crime.  I don’t know what he was getting at but I do understand one thing he said and that is “Pray”.

We need to pray that the councilors at some point, and I hope it is soon, understand that what Mayor Miller is advising them, is absolutely correct and that they need to remove their egos and work with Miller so that we have a better White Springs.  We need to cut the fat, and contrary to the listing that Stacy Tebo stated such as removing certain departments like the police department, I concur with Anita Rivers, in that the only one that should be removed that has not done anything for the town but put us in a Rabbit Hole which is going to end up in the Sewer Drain is Stacy Tebo.

We never had a Town Manager previously who didn’t understand how a manager acts and performs until Ms. Tebo.   Our Town does not have the money to have a full time manager and Stacy Tebo has proven that the position of Town Manager is unnecessary since she takes so much time off continually.  We need a Town Manager who can do more than one job.


Furthermore, none of the other Town Managers received such a high salary of $58,000 plus benefits, but were in the $40,000 range and each had other talents.  In fact, Robert Townsend, who is not one of our favorites handled the Town Manager’s job as well as the Sewer and Water Job and still had play time with prisoners.  So what does Tebo have to offer? Nothing.  Is she capable of understanding such items as law enforcement?   or what Firefighting entails?   Absolutely not, but she sure has an opinion.  In my opinion, she is the worst of the worst in Managers ever and Lofton, and Brown will do nothing to get her out of White Springs because she protects the most ignorant.  And as to the other councilors, they are so fearful of not being fair to their Manager and staff, that they refuse to do what the Citizens want but rather will put up with the bad Manager and staff to the detriment of the Town.

Going back to Robbie Brooks, I can’t judge whether he is off his rocker, on drugs or totally snockered, but he definitely has a problem which none of us understood.  And what did this new council do to him?   God only knows and we will pray for his recovery.


Karin for the blog

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