The RHATT Watch

Day 19

Today is Monday, May 14th, Day 19 of the Rhatt watch.  The newly elected White Springs Town Council met for the first time since the reorganization meeting on May 8th. Conspicuously absent was the family of the Red-faced Ratt. It looks like they continue to be too embarrassed and humiliated by his actions and behavior. Oh come to think of it the Red-faced Ratt was missing also. It appears the Ratt was embarrassed and humiliated by his own behavior. The Ratt’s favorite Lapdog sat lonely, weepy-eyed and almost crying that her Master was missing.


The Council addressed several motions proposed by the Ratt’s Lapdog to change the Town Charter. It was pointed out to the Council that as indicated in the White Springs Town Charter, Section 10.03, Charter Amendment Procedures , the Council may propose changes to the Town Charter but only the Town’s Electors may vote to adopt changes to the Town Charter.


Only 12 days into his new position and Sellout Lofty demonstrated that he had been fully corrupted by Red-faced Ratt and his flunkies. Sellout Lofty decided to proceed in violation of the Charter. The first proposed Charter Change received a motion to adopt and a second. Sellout Lofty attempted to rush a vote but other Council members asked for a discussion concerning the confusing language and obvious Charter violation. After some discussion, voting was initiated. Council members McKenzie and Miller opposed the amendment. Sellout realizing that the “CorrruptPack” can’t pass given only four council votes are present tries to table the Amendment in violation of Charter and Roberts Rules of Order hoping to continue to some point when Ratt would be present.

Reluctantly Sellout Lofty continues and votes in favor of of the Amendment. Mindless Tonja refuses to vote. As she threw her usual Temper Tantrum it was pointed out several times to Mindless is unable to read and that she is unable to comprehend what she is voting on and its implications for the residents of White Springs. While she argued against voting , Mindless, if she had any ability to read or had bothered to have anyone explain to her what was in the Amendment, would have known the Amendment she was holding in her hands referenced to very Florida Statute that required her to vote. Unable to speak and at wit’s end mindless in violation of the Town Charter voted to change it.


You’ve all heard it before, “You get what you pay for”. Well’s that’s true regarding elections also. You get what you elect. In addition to the requirement that you must live in White Springs for at least a year prior to running for office here, maybe we should know if a candidate has the ability to comprehend issues that have come, or will come, before the Council. It would be great if they knew. It would be great if Mindless Tonja, who has set the bar so low, that anything would be and improvement.


Citizens of White Springs, why do we have individuals like Red-faced Ratt and Mindless Tonja in our municipal government? How long will it be before Ratt concocts some scheme to revise the Charter so he can appoint himself Despot or Oppressor for life? When will the dictatorial, corrupt and avaricious behavior of these members of the municipal administration be stopped? Does everything in White Springs need to be destroyed first? Do the White Springs electors (voters) need to be pillaged and brutalized first? White Springs residents, When will you ACT?


Hang in there it is day 19 and the Red-faced Ratt hasn’t resigned yet. The Rhatt Watch continues !!!!

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