Today is Saturday May 12, Day 17 of the Rhatt Watch. The red-faced Ratt was the primary reason that his father drank heavily, a fifth of Lord Calvert a day. As a result, the Ratt took up drinking in high school and quickly transitioned to drugs becoming an aggressive and heavy user for more than three decades The “cousins” work hard to cover it up but pretty much everyone in White Springs has seen Ratt and knows the details. Hamilton County has pretty much always been the front door for illicit alcohol and drug industries. Many of the pioneer families, including Ratt’s, and many of the large land owners made their money raising corn and brewing moonshine. Lately it has been drugs . White Springs started out with one or two dealers pulling their drugs from supplies in Lake City and Jacksonville. Now thanks to Ratt there are many more dealers. Junk is available at nearly every street corner. There are a number of reasons why the White Springs Police Department and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office do little or nothing to stop these activities. First Red-Faced Ratt threatened the White Springs Police Department with being disbanded if they interfered with his acquisition and use of junk. And second Ratt has “cousins” in the Sheriff’s Department and on the drug task force. Remember w hat Ratt says ‘Us “cousins” gotta stick together’ In the past Ratt supplied all manner of protection for his drug suppliers, dealers, delivery boys user “cousins” and more. All of that is changing. The Ratt is under investigation by multiple agencies. And he is talking, throwing everyone and anyone under the bus to save his own butt. And on any given day he is probably wearing a “wire”. By the way, all the Feds need is to turn one mike on to hear and record every comment from everyone near by. “Cousins” that includes your phones.

What’s it going to take to get the White Springs Police Department off of traffic duty and on to more serious offenses? Recently Cousin Thad bought some bad drugs and ended up killing his girlfriend and himself. Nothing’s being done to keep these drugs off the street. When is the Hamilton County Sherriff’s department and the Drug Task Force, get rid of the “cousins” lean up their staffs and their acts, and do their jobs? White Springs still has the Red-faced Ratt who is as toxic as ever. White Springs residents don’t want Red-faced Ratt disbanding the Police Department so he can run his drug parties. Listen up “cousins” “If you have been involved in drugs, bribes, corruption and pedophilia with the Red-faced Ratt in the last twenty years, you should start thinking about your own “Butt”. If you don’t want to spend the next decade or longer in prison you need to get someone you trust. Try the FBI office in Jacksonville [904 248 7000]. If you don’t the Red-faced Ratt will give you up. Incidentally, word on the street is that the Red-faced Ratt is fixing to rollover on his lapdog. My My!!! There is not much time left.

When will Florida’s local, regional State Law enforcement undertake investigations of the Red-faced Ratt, his lapdog, “cousins” and other flunkies? When will the Attorney General or the State’s Attorney indict Red-faced Ratt? Or will Red=faced Ratt and his lapdog resign first. For how long could Red-faced Ratt go away for? And who will Red-faced Ratt bring down with him?

Better watch your back, its Day17 and Red-faced Ratt hasn’t resigned yet. The Rhatt watch continues!!!!

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