Repeat 119 Request #2

Repeat 119 request

Joe Griffin <>
12:11 AM (43 minutes ago)
to White, Town, Meagan, Helen

I want the rating system you used with the ratings of each of the four applicants for the Town Manager. You said (although your statements are usually lies) that you rated the town manager applicants contrary to the Sunshine Law. I want that rating results, Fourth Request

Joe Griffin
Citizen Activist

2 Replies to “Repeat 119 Request #2

  1. Tommie Boy contends that there isn’t such a piece of paper. This is after he BRAGGED at the Council meeting that he had created such a listing and I reminded the Council that such preparing a rating was contrary to the Government in the Sunshine law. We deserve, well not deserve because we hired him without due process, but we, as a town deserve a consultant town manager who is not an habitual liar.

  2. Honey, I hate to disagree with you but what we deserve is a Town Manager CEO with Experience and NOT a consultant who only works with others to put computer programs and some security mechanisms. It is obvious Tommie Jones is not a computer guru nor does he even have an inch of talent that Franklin Smith had as a programmer and site designer. No other Municipality in the Town Council Weak Mayor/Town Manager form of government would ever have a “consultant independent contractor” as a Town Manager or Interim Town Manager. His interest is not that of the Town’s but in his own consulting firm. He can’t do anything without discussing it with our Town Attorney or Helen Miller yet the Council has given him the full breath of decision making which is beyond the pale. If he steals or makes a mess of things as he did in the Prueter case, he’s not responsible because our Town attorney can’t even work a contract up as Fred Koberlein did in the Strong Mayor/Council form of government with a Town Clerk Consultant whereby that Clerk would be responsible for any mistakes mad for 119’s . That Clerk/Consultant other than for 119’s had no decision making authority and had to bring everything to the Mayor. So what does Helen Miller and Meagan Logan do. They bring a Fox in the Hen House and don’t even require him to be responsible…a stupid agreement which won’t stand up in court, stipulating he is experienced. What is he experienced in. He made up a pretty Town site which has all the meeting minutes missing, Planning and Zoning Criteria, Agendas, Ordinances and Resolutions. We need the information on the prior site more than we need “pretty”. And in each case he needs another person to help him. He is very disappointing but when I hear him lie continually and I think he really believes his lies, that is beyond the pale for me. You think you may have saved money ladies but you have really messed up the governance of White Springs leaving it to a liar with very little experience for which his hand has to be held at every turn. Karin for the blog

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