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I just left Fire Marshall Greene’s house at 121 SW MORNING GLORY DR LAKE CITY FL 32024 and he said that he is going release his test scores tomorrow morning at 9am.  He said he’s tired of people thinking he’s dumb and hiding behind his daddy and mommie. SIKE!  he ain’t never going release them test scores because everyone knows he’s dumb.  He didn’t goto public school past the 6th grade in White Springs and you know how bad that school was.  He’s got no critical thinking skills.  He’s probably never passed a real test on his own in his whole life.  He’s unhireable outside of White Springs.  I don’t know what russian mail order bride catalog they found his wife Dominique from, but once she realizes what a loser he is and that he has always allegedly been in the closet. Maybe she will leave and force Andrew to hopefully come out of the closet and be who he really is and stop hiding behind his mommy and daddy. Also FYI if the water is so good in White Springs than why doe Fire Marshall Greene’s own parents not use it they got a water filter system on their house.  I wonder what they know that we don’t.  Andrew doesn’t even live here so you know he don’t drink the water.  I hope everybody remember this when they story breaks that White Springs water is just as bad as Flint Michigan’s water.


  1. He had to use the book during his firefighter training class he used his book during his tests also on his final test. Instead of learning the material he just used his book along with his wife. Just goes to show you these are the ones you are counting on to show up to your house when it’s on fire. Someone who couldn’t pass a test without cheating and someone who just by the skin on his ass passed his hands on skill test Oh wait a minute he didn’t do his hands on skills test he had his buddys daddy sign off on them for him and his bridge troll wife. Andrew never had to work hard for anything to do with the fire department it was all just given to him because they feel sorry for him an want him to feel special. So God forbid your home is on fire because i hate to tell you it will burn to the ground with Andrew there because he is absolutely 100% Clueless on what to do. The same can be said for his daddy number 2 the Steve Meister guy who hasn’t been in a fire in probably 20 years but hey he’s the knight in rusty armor that’s who they want so that’s who they got. Just remember this when you call 911 because your home is on fire.

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