Piggy Piggy on the Run

I had just written my article about the Pig Spencer Lofton was to donate to the May Day Festival or the Town would pay for, whomever,   Then I noticed it was time to get ready to attend the White Springs Workshop.   As Joe and I were going toward our vehicle, we could see a White Springs Police Department vehicle at the Mill Street area of Scott Gay’s property.  Then Judith McClure of the White Springs B & B came running toward Joe, asking him if we owned a Black Pig.  Apparently this Pig almost caused a large Truck to have an accident and it was running across Scott Gay’s property.  Apparently the police caught the pig and put it in the squad but didn’t know who the owner was.

Since we own no farm animals and we have not seen a black pig in our area, we figured it had to be Spencer Lofton’s pig, so we advised Judith that perhaps it was Spencer’s.  As we went past Spencer’s house, we saw the squad car, most likely with it’s black pig occupant.  Well if it wasn’t his piggy, at least he didn’t have to barter or pay for a piggy, he could have just fattened this one up for butchering.   He apparently must have not seen the humor if it wasn’t his.  That probably was the dirty look Spencer gave Joe when he entered the Council room.

We were just trying to help and if he had a piggy, the Town wouldn’t have to ultimately pay for it.

Karin for the blog

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