People have a difficult time understanding that Rhett Bullard is the epitome of corruption.

Joe in 2013 was told that he was misreading Rhett Bullard. He said, my friend, it was entirely possible that he (Bullard) saw all of the corruption (special strokes for special folks) associated with the Charter School perpetrated by Helen Miller and decided to end the corruption himself.

“If Rhett is the man I think he is,” said my friend “then corruption bothers him as much as it does yourself.” Joe at that time thought perhaps he was wrong; Perhaps Mr. Bullard would make a fine council member and perhaps Mayor.

Today we realize everything that we were told about Rhett Bullard was a sham.  In fact he ,in his capacity as attorney, tried to assist Helen Miller with the Charter School but he did not have the abilities which were necessary in spite of Martha Butler placing everything in writing.

I have learned now, that one must take everything at face value.  Joe never did trust Rhett and he was correct; whereas, I stood by him for some time before realizing he was a liar.

There are still many who believe that Rhett Bullard can do no wrong, even though one can bring forth factual information.   Apparently Rhett Bullard was jealous of Helen Miller for a very long time and he obviously never really assisted her with what was necessary with a charter school and that is sad indeed, especially since it is difficult for younger children to have to be on a bus for over an hour to get to and back from school.

The information on the Charter School which was missing is as follows:  Also, a manner in which to subside the number of students required to formulate a charter school is to include a class/instruction which is not provided in a public or private school. 


Below is the actual scorecard for the “We Beat ‘Em” Elementary School, formally known as South Hamilton Elementary (Charter School).

Hamilton County School District
Charter Review Committee
Summary Report Regarding the SHE Charter School Application
Introduction and Overview
The School Board of Hamilton County received an application for a conversion charter school on May 15, 2012 for the South Hamilton Elementary School (SHE Charter School). Pursuant to the requirements of §1002.33 Fla. Stat. (2011), the school district initiated a process to review the application and render an approval or denial recommendation within the required 60-day timeline.
The School District created a Charter Review Committee (CRC) composed of district staff with knowledge and expertise in the various areas included in the required Florida Charter School Model Application Form including the proposed school’s educational plan, organizational plan, and business plan. Charter Review Committee (CRC) members included: Bonnie Penner, Rex Mitchell, Felecia Moss, Karen Mitchell, Philip Pinello, April Johnson, Phyllis Porter, Regina Jordon, Carol Milton, Ida Daniels, Adam Walker, and Fred Robinson. Additional members included Jay Willingham, legal counsel for the school district, and Mike McHugh, an educational consultant working with the district on the charter school application review process.
The process for reviewing and evaluating the SHE charter school application included:
1. Review of the SHE application by the District Charter Review Committee considering:
a The information required in the Florida Charter School Model Application Form
b. The evaluation criteria specified in the Florida Charter School Application Evaluation Instrument and,
c. Applicant responses during the applicant interview
2. Statutory review by the school district’s legal counsel
Based on the information described above, the CRC ranked the submitted application as follows:
Meets the Standard in two areas (Sections 1 and 7)
Partially Meets the Standard in eight areas (Sections 8,10, 12, 13, 14, 15,
16, 17)
Does Not Meet the Standard in eight areas (Sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9,18, 19)
Standard Not Applicable in one area (Section 11).
More specific information on the rationale for the Charter Review Committee’s ratings in each area is included in the attached summary. It is a significant concern that the application was rated as “Does Not Meet the Standard “ in several critical areas including Target Population, Educational Program Design, Curriculum Plan, Student Performance, Assessment and Evaluation, Exceptional Students, Governance, Financial Management and Oversight, and Action Plan.
Based on the Charter Review Committee’s evaluation of the South Hamilton Elementary charter school application, consistent with the provisions of §1002.33 Fla. Stat. (2011), and the information required in the Florida Charter School Model Application Form, the recommendation to the Superintendent is to deny the application.
Respectfully Submitted 7/9/12
Hamilton County CRC

That’s two correct answers, 8 partially correct answers and 8 failure to meet requirements. That’s a 6 out of 18 or 33% from a PhD and an attorney. And these people want to teach our students? Makes no sense to me. AND THEY WANT TO PHYSICALLY BEAT OUR KIDS TO BRING UP GRADES.

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