Papa Brazil knows Best!

Narcissists overvalue themselves and devalue others, and that means you. You will never be treated as an equal, you will never be respected, and you will in time be devalued out of necessity, so that they can overvalue themselves.  Papa Brazil knows best and he will take you down if you do not agree with him.  He is well respected and he will continually tell you how you are not respected and will continually twist things around saying “I am right: but he’s not a narcissist, he knows best:

  • I didn’t. I just don’t think you are going to find any secret files but I support your right to request and get copies.

  • Hire him with no interview, background check, reference check lets not get ahead of ourselves here.




  • You are not the only one that can read the Florida Public Records (Sunshine) Law and is a member of the First Amendment Foundatio

  • Well well I guess I spoke the truth

  • Well the Manager works for the Town Council and the Council works for the voters. The Council sets policies and direction, and the Manager is expected adhere to and implement those policies. It only takes a vote of 4 to remove the Manager, so how long does anyone think a Town Manager who did not follow the direction of the majority Council and “stood up to them” would last in the position? I would suspect not very long.

  • I just have to wonder why someone who had previously applied for the Town Managers position and now was applying again, would leave off all their college education information off the application, as well as all their military service information and military awards. Claim veterans preference yet not include a copy of their DD214 or any other supporting documentation for verification. Makes one ponder why.

  • Also you have no idea what I have done in my life and if I am a “STAR” or not  

  •   I guess you expect the Town Manager to handle everything single thing personally while contending with you constant plethora of 119 request. Remember “Tommy Boy,” as you so lovingly call him, was contracted as part-time 20-hours per week “consultant,” “contract employee,” “interim Town Manager” which ain’t a lot of time to fix everything personally. But I truly believe if he cured the Corona virus and Cancer he would still be a “lair” and POS in your eyes.

  • Bon’t think this is in White Springs price range.

  • I would never intentionally lie about something. Just do a 119 to the Baker County Commission if you want to confirm or Google the above referenced article it was in 2015.

  • Nanny Nanny Boo Boo I did not lie to you,

  • First and foremost he is not “My Boy” but I don’t believe he is the Devil incarnate either.

  • Are you fucking kidding me? He has been working hard to fix the bullshit in this town just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean he can’t do the job.

  • It’s obvious you dislike Tommy Jones but you also disliked Tebo, Lofton, Jefferson, Townsend and a host of others that don’t rise to your expectations. It seems that any decision made by the Council that you disagree is corruption or the Council not listening to citizens in your book. Having worked in government for 35 years I realize that government, unlike private business, moves slow due to purchasing policies, bid policies RFP’s & RFQ’s etc. and one cannot snap their fingers and fix many issues. It took White Springs many years to get to the point it is now but I feel it is finally moving in the right direction.

  • No Joe the problem is having a Town bully who purports to be a Citizen Activist, but does nothing for the betterment of the Town and just want’s to cause hate and desertion with petty name calling

  • Joe, I am not advocating for Mr. Jones or anyone else to be Town Manager at this point. I simply believe a Town Manager should live in or within a reasonable distance from the Town in which they work and not 4 to 5 hours away. I would even advocate for surrounding Counties. But would you agree that the Town has the right to hire contract employees? Many Towns and Counties have hire contract employees including Town, City & County Managers hence my previous post about Dale Williams and Baker County. You simply want the Town Manager to be an employee rather than a contract employee, which I get, but it is legal for the Town to hire a contractor until the position is permanently filled.

  • Just FYI Tommie showed up at the scene of the water main break, spoke To Ray Vaugh ask if anything was needed. He did not camp out there since Ray had it under control. Apparently Tommie left before you arrived. Why don’t you ask Ray Vaughn to conform. That’s right truth does not fit the narrative.

  • Joe I never advocated hiring this guy. We need a manager with a vested interest in this Town who at least lives within the proximity. DeBary didn’t work out so well now did it. He may have credentials but living 4 to 5 hours away does not show he understands out local issues. However, I do applaud you for looking into this guys background early.

  • No Joe the problem is having a Town bully who purports to be a Citizen Activist, but does nothing for the betterment of the Town and just want’s to cause hate and desertion with petty name calling

  • Why don’t you just file suit against the Town again if you are right and everyone else is wrong that the Town cannot hire a contract employee.

  • IF and I mean IF Prueter had put on his Town application he was in the reserves. IF Peueter had informed the Town of his military drill and provided copy of orders. IF Preuter had requested military leave. See the IF’s here Joe lot of IF’s.

  • If the people of this Town would start trying to move the Town forward, doing things in the best interest of the Town, and stop with the petty vendettas, personal gamesmanship and personal attacks for personal power and personal gain this Town would be much better off.

  • Well it is starting to sound like toe Special Events Committee needs some restructuring. I wish some of the petty people could put aside their dislikes, egos, and personal vendettas and do what is best for White Springs for a change would sure be refreshing.

  • Remember anyone can sue anyone for anything in Civil Court but that does not mean one will prevail. You should know that how many times have you sued the Town and lost?

  • Gosh Joe, You and Karin have been at war with the Town since you moved here. You have inundated them with 119 request, sued the Town a couple of times, called past and present Town Managers, Town Council Members and some employees virtually every derogatory name in the book, been thrown out of countless Town meetings, have filed countless complaints with both the Town and the State and you are surprised they don’t want to have you or Karin

    volunteer at Town Hall.

  • Yes you are the epitome of genius and I am sure could run the Town with perfection immediately fixing all the past problems and sins of 20+ years. However, never mind that Miller is trying to get Town finances straightened our by hiring a CPA firm. That Tebo left Tommy with piles of paper, and a key broken off in the secured files cabinet, no computer access, etc. Pam bailed on FMLA leaving virtually no instructions, passwords or information regarding her duties and never bothered to teach Yvonne any of Pam’s duties guarding the sacred orb of knowledge to insure her job security. The mess that is White Springs created be the likes of Lofton, Bullard and others will not be fixed overnight as no one has the magic wand. It will take time, effort, and hard work but the constant bashing does nothing to help the situation. Lets all hope that the current Town leadership is successful in making White Springs better.

  • Wow you are truly pathetic people that have nothing better to do with your life just truly pathetic people

  • Joe, I dont want to argue with you however I reviewed the case that you cited related to the Sunshine Law. The DCA did rule that 3 days is adequate notice of a special meeting. The DCA however did not rule that 3 days was the required required notice ony that 3 days was reasonable notice. As stated in the law 4. Special meetings should have no less than 24 and preferably at least 72 hours reasonable notice to the public. Based on the law 24 hours is adequate until such time as a court rules something more is a requirement. In the cited case the plantiff challanged the 3 day notice as unreasonable and the DCA ruled 3 days was in fact reasonable but did not rule that 3 days was required.


Florida Sunshine Law:

There are three basic requirements of section 286.011, Florida Statutes:

(1) meetings of public boards or commissions must be open to the public

(2) reasonable notice of such meetings must be given

(3) minutes of the meetings must be taken and promptly recorded.

  • Florida’s Sunshine Law requires “reasonable notice” for public meetings. However, the Sunshine Law does not expressly define what notice is “reasonable.” The statute fails to define what constitutes a “reasonable” opportunity. To date, the issue has not been interpreted by the courts. The Florida attorney general has opined that the precise type of notice required is variable and must be determined in the context of a particular situation. Additionally, the attorney general has explained that the reasonable notice requirement does not require publication of an agenda.

  • Karin you say one thing and criticize the other. You are critical of Helen and accuse her of violating the Town Charter, then want the Council to bring Kevin Ptiman back. Well under the Charter they can’t. The Town Manager has hiring and firing authority over Town Departments. So the Council brings in Mr. Jones, as an temporary interum Town Manager, who can bring Pitman back and you immediately start attacking him rather than giving the man a chance. Your making smart comments that he perhaps got all his training in water and waste water in prison is undignified for you. The only clusterf&%k is the anonymous cowards that use this blog to complain, criticize and cast dispersions, yet offer nothing productive. Helen nor the Council has the power to snap their fingers and fix what took years for the Manager and previous Council to break and will take time to fix.

  • Under Ordinance 04-01 (A) (1) Section 2.05 Special Meetings The mayor, or any 2 Council Members, with 24-hours notice to the other Council Members can call a Special Meeting. So the meeting scheduled for Wed Oct 30 is not a violation of the Town Charter as some have suggested.

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