Our Condolences to the families who have lost loved ones

Just a short note to offer our condolences to the family whose young daughter died in an accident on 25A.  One never expects to lose a child so early on in their life and may God bless the family at this most difficult time.

Also, it I am certain, is difficult for the driver who unintentionally took her life and it will be something that will never be forgotten. We hope that God gives the driver of the vehicle the strength to go forward.

One never knows why certain things happen and why God would take someone so young in the prime of her life.  But as I have stated previously, God has a plan and seems to always take those who are the best, while the rest of us mourn.

Although not as young, we have lost two other friends of late, Ron Hart and Tom Salter.  We had the chance to see Tom Salter before his passing but all of the deaths of late were quick and unexpected.  Yet at the age many of us are, we unfortunately have to expect death may come at our door; yet it is extremely difficult when it is such a young woman who was taken away before she could enjoy her family and friends in the prime of her life.  Again our condolences to all of the families who have lost their loved ones.


Karin and Joe Griffin


Karin for the blog

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