Officer Marsh feels he can get away with anything in White Springs

I had the opportunity to speak with Carin Copeland.  Apparently Buck was in great spirits in the morning, and he looked better than he had in weeks so Carin went to the ranch to take care of the horses.  Upon returning about 8:30 PM, on May 18th, she saw the ambulance and squad car at her home.  Buck had contacted them and said he was having difficulty breathing.  When she entered her home, the Officer would not let her go into the bedroom where Buck was but she said she wanted to say goodby to her husband and pushed back against the officer.

This is the problem.  Carin spoke to her doctor and because her heart was racing, her doctor suggested she take a third of Buck’s PTSD medication to calm herself down.  When she went to check into Buck’s medications, they had been removed supposedly by White Springs Police Officer Marsh.  Not only that but Carin could not find Buck’s billfold or his keys and these should have been in the house.  The only person, not the EMT, that could have taken these items is Officer Marsh.  Carin then contacted her father who is an attorney and is or was a Judge and he said in no way can any police officer take these items unless they are released by a spouse or family member.  Furthermore, this would happen only if there was an investigation or an altopsy to be performed, which there will not be.  Buck apparently died of conjestive heart failure.

I told Carin that Officer Marsh had forceably removed Joe (who Carin knows is handicapped) from a meeting and the second time Joe was removed, Joe warned him he’d better not use force again or Joe would own him.  Officer Marsh looked as if he was going to knock Joe Down and possibly beat him when I got inbetween the two of them.  This is not a good officer.

Now every one was concerned about Casey Kensey when he was an officer.  Yes Kensey had a problem while drinking and apparently with a woman he was dating.  But when I was removed from a meeting, he was respectful and he and officer Doyle helped Joe with his vehicle.   Officer Marsh, I do not believe, even has a nice side to him.  I explained to Carin that Joe contacted Chief Rodriquenz but Rodriquenz would do nothing with the complaint against Marsh.   I told Carin that she may not get anywhere with Chief Rodriquenz….but then, Carin’s father has the clout and I do not believe that this time Officer Marsh will get away with these actions.

To deprive a woman who has just lost her husband entrance to say goodbye and to allegedly  steal her husband’s medications and billfold is a serious matter in my opinion.


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