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BREAKING: Bob Mueller PERJURY Bombshell… He’s Done

Life ruined.

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Comey Indictment Notice – Eyewitness Confirms It…

Fox News Star Betrays Trump… Fans In Shock

Avenatti 2020 Announcement – Millions Shocked

Judge Rules Against Trump – It’s Bad News

Fox News In Trouble – This Is Bad

Lindsey Graham Announces The End… Gone

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MS-13 Animals Murder Teen Girl After Sanctuary City Releases Them

Actor Jeff Daniels Compares Trump Supporters to KKK Members

Computer Glitch Has Hertz Customers Being Arrested for Driving “Stolen” Cars

Google Has a Secret Log of Every Online Purchase You’ve Ever Made

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Ben Carson News
Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson took to Fox Business on Wednesday to explain why he thought he was being asked about Oreos by Rep. Katie Porter during an appearance Tuesday before the House Financial Services Committee.

The California Democrat asked Carson to explain the disparity in REO rates, to which Carson responded, “An Oreo?”

“No, not an Oreo. An R-E-O. REO,” Porter replied.

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Carson then said, “Real estate,” at which point Porter quizzed: “What’s the O stand for?”

Carson replied, “Organization.” “Owned, real estate owned,” quipped Porter. “That’s what happens when a property goes to foreclosure, we call it an REO.”

“You can see that some of the networks are only interested in those kinds of sound bites that they can use to ridicule,” Carson said on Fox Business. “The fact of the matter is I was having difficulty hearing her.”

The secretary also invited Porter to visit his office to discuss a dramatic decrease in the REO portfolio – from “65 thousand down to 65 hundred,” saying perhaps the representative needed to be brought up to date.

Doctor: Your ‘Eyes’ Are Keys to Your Health

ALERT: Ben Stein Cracks the Capitalist Code to Make You Rich

BREAKING: Bad News For Ilhan Omar – She’s FURIOUS

Oh my gosh.

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BREAKING: Obama Coverup REVEALED – Cameras Turned Off BUT…

It’s bad.

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BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi ATTACKED – Witnesses Stunned…

She was horrified.

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BREAKING: Trump Tells Pelosi ‘NO!’ – Democrats Are Fuming

Trump did it.

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BREAKING: Fox News In TROUBLE – This Is Bad

Oh no!

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Happening Right Now
Senate backs bill to stem flood of robocalls plaguing cellphones »
Senate backs bill to stem flood of robocalls plaguing cellphonesSouth Dakota Republican John Thune teamed up with Massachusetts Democrat Edward J. Markey to sponsor the measure, which would ramp up civil penalties to $10,000 per call and give law enforcement tools to pursue robocallers. More »

BREAKING: Trump Ends Speech, Turns to Crowd, Then Announces….

This is fantastic.

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Donald Trump News
Immigration and Customs Enforcement is seeking the ability to track cellphones and other devices, according to a new report.

Defense One cited a recent government request for information that outlined ICE’s desire for the technology. It is actively looking for a cloud-based service to perform the task, which would involve pinpointing either the exact location of a device or an area.

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The technology would use data from “Wi-Fi, Apps, Software Development Kit (SDK), Bidstream, Beacons, etc.,” according to the ICE request.

Some Democrats have criticized ICE over the last few years, calling the agency out for aggressive tactics in deporting illegal aliens without criminal histories. Some Democrats, including presidential candidates, would like to see ICE abolished.

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Doctor: Your ‘Eyes’ Are Key to Your Health

ALERT: Ben Stein Cracks the Capitalist Code to Make You Rich

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Nancy Pelosi Career Decision… End Of An Era

Top Republican Arrested – Blood Stains Found…

Comey Confession Found – True Identity Finally Revealed

Kimberly Guilfoyle Makes Big 2020 Announcement [Alert]

He’s Been Rushed To The Hospital, Taken Into Surgery…

BREAKING: It’s JAIL Time – Joy Behar Is…

She’s done.

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BREAKING: Juan Williams FORCED Out… He’s Devastated

He’s done.

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He Did It: Justice Neil Gorsuch Rocks The Nation

John Brennan Arrest Decision – It’s Finally Happening

Trump Just Punched China Where It Hurts… Pow

Mueller Reversal News… This Changes Everything

Barack Obama Health Emergency – It’s Bad

BREAKING: Kimberly Guilfoyle Makes Big 2020 Announcement [ALERT]

This is great!

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[BREAKING]: PERJURY Charges – James Comey Devastated…

It’s jail time.

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Learn About A New Kind of Investing That Earns You Thousands Without the Risk of Losing

Illegal Alien from Kenya Charged with 12 Serial Murders in Texas

Reminder: 10 Years Ago, Al Gore Predicted No Ice at North Pole by 2013

Manhunt Under Way for Accused Cop Killer in Alabama

German TV Station Shocked by Results When it Asks Viewers, “Does Islam Belong in Germany?

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JUST IN: Pelosi Impeachment CRISIS – Developing

She’s not happy.

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A new report paints a stark, bleak picture of San Francisco, which has gone from an affordable city that attracted artists and musicians to an area dominated by tech companies, growing wealth, and small businesses getting priced out of the market.

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The Washington Post took a lengthy look at the California city, which is perched at the northern end of the San Francisco Peninsula. Mom and pop restaurants and shops that have been there for decades are being forced to close their doors because of the astronomically high real estate prices. The nightclub scene is changing. Thousands of people are living on the streets, which has created a public health crisis.

Heart Surgeon’s Secret to Healthy Blood Pressure

Jewish Author Tells His Christian Friends: Watch Out for This

[BREAKING]: Melania Trump ABORTION Announcement…

This is heartbreaking.

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BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Reveals COMEY Evidence – Rumors Were TRUE


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BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice REPLACEMENT Decision…


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