“Me” sets me straight on Tebo

I must respectfully disagree with you Karin on one point. It is not sad for Ms, Tebo for what she did. She came here to White Springs with a sour attitude. Considering her prior work history it is obvious that she does not play well with others. Especially those who she perceives as smarter or higher up the chain of power than her. I believe that she dislikes any woman who is smarter, prettier or more successful than she thinks that she is. The only sad thing for Ms.Tebo is her low self esteem. Which apparently causes her to make bad choices. The real problem with Ms.Tebo is that she simply does not care about White Springs. I have never seen any evidence that she does. Has anyone? Does she show up to anything beyond council meetings? Has she supported anything that helps the town? I would really like answers to that question. What has Ms. Tebo done to support the town? Just one positive thing?

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