Mayor Lofty’s Five Jobs and Five Firings


Below are the five jobs Lofton has had as an “adult”. He got fired from each of them.

Job 1. US Air Force where he “retired” with 20 years of active service, no word on his pension as he never admits to receiving one and the record from St. Louis is unclear. But no matter how you cut it, only making E-5 after 20 years is a joke. It certainly isn’t something to be proud of.

Job 2. AFJROTC Instructor in Lake Worth High School in Palm Beach County. Terminated for morals, apparently could keep it in his pants.

Job 3. AFJROTC Instructor Madison County High School in Madison, Florida. Again terminated for morals, again, according to a reputable source, he couldn’t keep from “playing” with the young ladies.

Job 4 AFJROTC Instructor Hamilton County High School in Jasper. Contract not renewed because of low moral character. Again it is those pesky young ladies that got him into trouble.

Job 5 Hope Program Head in White Springs. Fired because he was and is a bum who doesn’t understand children and how to motivate them. Also there was an allegation of theft of money and food.

And in each of these jobs his employment application reads differently. In some he has a High School Diploma and in some he doesn’t have anything but a GED issued by the Air Force. His lies are there in black and white for anyone to read. Just ask.  The only reason he was hired is because he was BLACK. He has no qualifications for any of the five positions. Even the Air Force got tired of him. What a liar.

Yet, in all fairness, we do not have written proof of these child “abuse” allegations but we do have copy of a letter from Hamilton County High School not recommending him for another term.  Why do you think he was not recommended?  If he was that good with children, why is it that he is still not there?  He obviously is living in the past and has no future plan.  Since he has been a puppet for some of the council , I am surprised they did not devise a plan for him or maybe they did.  It is apparent, he may only base what knowledge he has  had from military training of young adults and never trying to be open to further education.  Coach and Weight Equipment Training…really!!!

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