Mayor Lofty – Before you hammer out more resolutions, refer to your Fiduciary Duties as a Government Official



How Does Fiduciary Duty Relate to Government Officials?

It’s clear that elected and appointed U.S. Government officials, as well as all Government employees, have a fiduciary duty to The People.

This means that Government Employees, elected, appointed, hired, or contracted, are legally obligated to undivided loyalty to The PeopleGovernment Employees are paid to serve The People, and to act only for the benefit of The People.  In order to know the meaning of “benefit The People,” they must understand  the difference from right and wrong.

Those acting in the interests, and for the benefit, of foreign entities are in gross violation of their fiduciary duties as prescribed in The Supreme Law of the Land, the United States Constitution.  Favoritism to special groups such as corporations, including foundations and other non-profits, and individuals, also constitute a gross violation of fiduciary duty, by Government employees.

It also works in the negative.  That is, attacking or suppressing honest people and organizations who engage in supporting the U.S. Constitution, and it’s principles, is detrimental to The People, and is another gross violation of fiduciary duty.  As is the allowing, encouragement, or actual commission of, harassment or harm to individual people and groups who are merely carrying on their lives.  This includes violations of The Bill of Rights.

Many would like to blame all of the current and past problems on “The Government.”  But the problems are really the result of those persons who are employed within our Government, who are not performing their Fiduciary Duties to The People.  The first order of business in solving our country’s problems OR WHITE SPRING’S problems, is to identify the real source of these troubles.

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Are There Penalties?

Violations of fiduciary duty are grounds for impeachment and dismissal.

Many, if not all, of these fiduciary duty violations also conform to the definition of person and are thus grounds for arrest and indictment.

For any law enforcement person, agency, or department, failure to properly investigate a report of a crime is grounds for dismissal of the party or parties who refuse to investigate the complaint.  Failure to arrest a person for whom there is ample evidence of the commission of a crime, is not only grounds for dismissal, but is also a crime itself, and is grounds for arrest of the person(s) who refuse to take the suspect into custody.  Organized refusals to investigate reports of crimes, or to make appropriate arrests, amounts to collusion, conspiracy, and racketeering.


Why Will “The Dark Side” Lose?

The Dark Side never had a chance, because Mankind is basically good.

The few at the “top” are insane.  They seek to commit species suicide.  They want to kill off all humans.  The reason they want to get rid of everyone, is fear.  It is not that they have a few phobias, or even many.  It is because they live in fear of all Mankind.  They are total and complete sociopaths

Their specialty is betrayal.  And those to whom they have promised the most, will be their sweetest betrayals.

Thus they eagerly await to betray their highest champions, as well as all of their minions and puppets.  This is their only logical path.



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