Maybe you think he is good, but I don’t believe it for a moment

A frequent habit of bad managers like Mr. Jones  is to block employees access to other employees and councilors of the Town, by  routing everything through himself. This means that he is able to hide unhappy employees / poor results because he can put his own twist on the story.

Bad managers are not held accountable and are not held accountable for doing their job or delivering results because our Council has no real policy goals.  Therefore bad managers like Jones can stay under the radar because councilors do not track his progress since they themselves do not have measured goals.  As a result the town is ripe for problems and has no idea that the manager is underperforming but he is safe.

The councilors just don’t demand accountability so our managers who actually are the CEO’s of the town will run rampant.  And in Jones’ case, he is a consultant so he does not have comply with anything.  After all if the Council doesn’t know what they want, there is no way they can be provided status reports of performance, financials or any other normal goal and No transparency will be provided, not even to the citizens.  He even makes it difficult for employees to access the council.  He does it by complaining about the employees even if they are doing a great job, calling them bullies even though they are not so even if an employee approaches the council, a councilor like McKenzie would say a council meeting is not the place to bring grievances.  Yet Jones was to have been such a good HR person or Manager where supposedly his former employees loved him and he was given a $10,000 bonus to stay.

I never believed Jones’ has ever worked that hard, as other managers may have, excluding Tebo perhaps.  He seems to work with the projects he likes such as computer programs and putting together security, but what has he done in his Town Manager role except sign a few checks and speak to a few people usually with Mayor Miller helping him of McKenzie previously being his mentor…God help us on that fact.  But as a poor manager, Jones paints a picture of his working so hard to keep the ship afloat…like it was Tebo and Tomlinson’s actions of breaking a key in the file cabinet or not training him….which made his job so very hard and all came crashing down not allowing him to do his job.  For Heavens sake, you didn’t have to buy a new file cabinet either a lock smith could have helped removing the broken key with a magnet or some other way…but Jones had a good reason to complain and convincing the council why he could not get his work done.  Well what about the piles of things in Stacy’s office which could have been read?   What about having a locksmith open up the finance director’s records to review the payables and receivables?  No then he couldn’t tell the Council what a savior he was.

And I believe that you will find Jones is very guarded about his domain knowledge of computers.  He’ll try to ensure that nobody else knows how to use it because he will rarely make the procedures into some form of documentation.  It makes him so important that he will not be able to be removed from his current position even though he is a poor manager and I feel is a disaster to the Town and the Council, much less to his staff.

And if he cannot play games with applicants, since Mrs. Brazil is taking over that task, he will make certain the Council remembers how more reasonable he is to any one of the new applicants.  And I believe by his stunting a former employees growth, he did not have to worry about competition or any adverse actions which would jeopardize his job.

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