May 12, 2020 Meeting Part 2 of 2


Kellen Lindsey, Senior Project Manager of Mittauer & Associates.  New business

  1. DEO infrastructure grant – reopened bids which came in over 300K+ DEO found some additional funding so an application was put together to keep the entire project in plus the additional engineering. DEO. back in February  Awarded the $400,000 and they have been working together to put in a project scope to put into the agreement.  We now have the fully executed agreement to get that money which is under a 100% grant of $400,000 and bring back the sewer works.  

  2. Associated with the reversing the previous change order.. Portion within the existing SR by the  $307,000 increase to bring in the initial work for the town to approve that change order.  Change order No. 2 for rehab programs needs to be signed.  CW Rivers made the motion and CM Moore 2nd it.  It passed 4-0. 

  3. Page 42 Change order 2. Cover sheet 41 includes a spread sheet of informational items brought back into the scope.

Mittauer’s  agreement for rural infrastructure includes the  additional work change order and provides for Mittauer to be compensated  Town’s rehab program  project  scope  $335,000 in additional Construction Administration; Observer to be on site for 10 weeks. DEO allows Mittauer to set up an electronic map of all sewer and water into the GIS System, and they will work with Ray Vaughn and Mr. Jones to provide the electronic mapping of all sewer and water into the GIS system as well as the previous sewer projects.

The agreement shows $15,000 for construction administration, $2,800 per each of 10 weeks for the observer, GIS of $25,000 with Diamond Maps.  Electronic Inventory is a huge added benefit from this program.  The additional services for the RIF Grant was approved 4-0 with CM Moore making the motion and CW Rivers 2nd it.  The Council will sign the papers and give them to Jones to provide to Mittauer. The Council gave approval for Mr. Jones to go forward and move without them and have a special meeting.  The short timelines requires staff has the right to get the project proposals done without permission.



Late fees and cut off is the 15 of May for utility bills. CW A.  CW Anita Rivers made a motion to waive late fees and that there will be no cut-offs of Water.  CW Williams 2nd the motion.  It was carried 4-0

Next was the Community Center external and internal locks.  CW Rivers said the locks were changed at Town Hall.  Both locks were changed because no one returned the old locks.  Therefore a motion was made to change the Interior and exterior locks of the Community Center by CW Rivers and 2nd by Tom Moore.  Motion passed 4-0.

Selection interviews for the Town Manager were then discussed.  There are four applicants and Mr. Jones said he went through the preliminary rating.  Joe Griffin interrupted and told Mr. Jones that he could not make such a preliminary rating unless it was done in the Sunshine.  Mayor Miller then covered up the fact that Mr. Jones said he did a preliminary rating and wished for Mr. Jones to provide her with the format as to the education, the essential job duties and experience.  She wished Mr. Jones to provide the format with the council but asked whether it has been reviewed by the Town Attorney..  After the preliminary format is done, and the changes are made, it will have to be reviewed with Council Members.

As for the Town Clerk- Administrative Assistant, Mr. Jones has not only placed the ad with the Florida League of Cities but with other Media.  He is looking at the Cashier Administrative assistant job and will have it by Thursday.  He will get more exposure for qualified candidates.  Mayor Miller said she would like to see the posting for the Administrative Assistant-Cashier position.


FY 2021  Mayor Miller said we do need to start thinking about budget for the next fiscal year.  We are now getting the Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable but we are not getting the actual figures versus the budgeted figures…in other words we need the expenditures versus the Money coming In.  She advised Mr. Jones when working with Mr. Whitehead, that we need to find a way to get that information to the council as they plan for the next fiscal year.

Mayor Miller said we need to know where we are at on a monthly report basis.  We need to see it every month.  Tommie Jones said he had a report and Mayor Miller told him to send it to the Council following this meeting.

Mr. Jones said he was doing it but it wasn’t the true representation of the account.  Mayor Miller said that the Council needed both.  Tommie Jones said “Not a problem”.  Mayor Miller said it was to help us how to understand how money is spent and how personnel is spending time.  Mayor Miller said that she requires information as to what each employee is doing on a daily basis and the allocation process such as from Local Option Fuel Taxes, the enterprise account etc.  The Conference call with pre-construction on Kendrick Street where Ray Vaughn is being paid out of the Utility bills and what portion is he going to be the contact person on the Kendrick Street Project. How much time is he going to spend on the road project and how much will be spent at the plant.  We need to know how to allocate a specific individual’s time. 

Tommie Jones stated we don’t have such a computer program available to us.  Mayor Miller said we don’t need a computer, just put in with pencil and paper. Their time needs to be documented.  Evaluate employees personnel issues.  How much time they spend to do a project can be documented by the employees.  They are already submitting time sheets…a bit more detail will be required of what they do in the am or pm and it is not an evaluation.  This is not a huge addition to their documentation. It has been an issue on how to allocate an employees time for different functions.

Tom Brazil then suggested what he does on the job.  The employee fills out a start time, how long it takes for a job and when they are finished.  Every Thursday they have a safety meeting and he leaves work at 4:00.  It is very simple and easy to do.

Tommie Jones interjected that he has done it already..  See results of what has been reported  Mayor Miller said If you have that information share it with us. Mr. Jones said he has the forms but it needs to be completed and brought back in.  Common practice. 

It was brought up to Ray. Ray Vaughn said he can account for the time he spends himself but he can’t babysit with everyone  Vaughn said”I can’t keep up with it to babysit  8-12 pm   Mayor Miller said “ Ray is not being asked to babysit.  All employees should document and submit on a regular basis and to the Town Manager.”   Tommie Jones said we have the format;  we got together and put on all the duties like an Activity log. “ We are not doing it” per Ray.  I can’t keep up with Benjie and Curt  if they are mowing from 8-10

Mayor Miller said that wasn’t the discussion.  Each employee is required to be putting that information together as to what they do.  Both employees can handle that. putting together what they do.

Mayor Miller asked Tom Brazil is he could share that form to see what the format looks like.   Mayor Miller wants each employee to show the hours they work at each specific project, implementing this procedure on Monday of Next week.

Grant opportunities  State provided grant opportunities going after anything.  It takes a lot of time and effort but an opportunity is identified.  Town staff or consultants have the time and ability to go after funding.  Priorities are enhancing the water infrastructure  telecommunications to broadband, internet and anything dealing with COVID 19 town operations businesses or citizens  looking at how to continually identify state resources that will help the town or help the town’s capabilities,  to help the time and the  town with their responsibilities.



Town Manager contract – runs out today   It was to be extended for another 30 days until the June Meeting .  CW Anita Rivers said that the contract should be extended until a permanent town manager is hired and made a motion which was 2nd and passed 4-0.


Citizen Complaint policy and procedure was given to the council last month.  Has council read it and reviewed, asked Mayor Miller?.  CW Williams said that she didn’t receive it.  Tommie Jones told CW Williams to read pages 12-15. Mayor Miller asked that copies put in everyone’s mailbox and that council members should check once a week between meetings and ask for the content of their mailbox.  She said “Nikkie I understand the backup just came a couple of hours ago that she would NOT have read the entire package.  Tom read it.  Covers all the basis.  Rivers any questions.   3 people gave Meagan a gold star. 

Nikki was reading it now.  Town of WS Citizens Complaint policy. CW Rivers made the motion to accept the procedure and CM Moore 2nd it.  The purpose of the Citizens complaint to make certain the complaint is handled in an efficient matter.  Town manager, The Town Council and the Town Attorney.  There are terms for each one per Attorney Logan.  It is easy to understand and has a set of provisions which are applicable.  There is a clear understanding of the process.  Rivers made the motion and it was 2nd by CM Moore and passed 4-0


Policy and procedures for Boards and Committees.  The Attorney is making certain everyone has a copy on the council, review it and can vote on this at the June council meeting per Attorney Logan.


Everything is done on the fire truck  everything has been okayed and sent over night per Mr. Jones.   Everything is ready set go.  Mr. Jones will work with Kevin to get everyone on board to Officially welcome this wonderful piece of equipment.

True Choice telecommunications.  we are still unstable but  worked quite hard and now it is stable.  Telephones are awesome   Telephone is amplified and great.  True Choice and Blue communications systems are handling our telecommunications now rather than Windstream..


The White Springs Curfew was again brought up by CW Williams.  It was again mentioned that our officers are not manned 24 hours and there will be another block party on Friday which was promoted on Facebook.  Again Ms. Williams has to be swallowing her phone because one could only understand a portion of what she was angry about.  I did understand she complained that the block party was near her property and yes I admitted I could hear it on our end of Mill Street but I didn’t see a problem.  She said but they weren’t in my yard..yet I am fond of Rap Music and it is not only great to drive with because it keeps one awake but it is great when doing exercises. One of my previous cars was tricked including base canons. Anyway, I can’t help if we do not have police as other agencies or Hamilton County do. 

I believe in Freedom and as Joe Griffin mentioned it is taking away our rights under the Constitution.  But frankly, I mentioned that it was Marshall Law being imposed on us and Mayor Miller said it isn’t but Joe now has put it (the definition) on the blog.  Anyway I became angry myself with this Curfew garbage and I said, She can’t even control her own children and that is why we have a curfew to begin with and I guess I yelled it in the phone because she was still ranting.  CM Moore then gasped..but let’s face it  I call a spade a spade and if CW Williams can get in everyone’s personal business well what one of her children did (TJ) threatening people with their lives with a gun and the second one murdering an individual, you bet I have a right to mention it just as she has had the right to condemn both Joe and I for things she doesn’t know. At least we know what we said is the truth and has been reported by others Yes CW Williams, keep mentioning Joe was on the front page, but, it sure wasn’t for murder and because of Alverez it should not have happened.   You see teens and adults all over your property so if it was people from out of town they probably know your family members.  The curfew passed 3-1 with Mayor Miller providing a nay.

CW Williams then had a quick question for our Town Attorney.  The Town attorney advised her it is okay to piggyback 20-114 intended to give protection and safety of the Citizens.  Hamilton County has not posted anything and White Springs usually piggybacks off Hamilton County   So the Town can declare a state of Emergency which is a prerequisite of a curfew.

The meeting ended at 8:40 PM



There you have it.  We have a Curfew and we are under Marshall Law because Councilwoman Williams cannot take care of her own family and their friends.  We know it isn’t because of COVID-19 because everyone has the CDC recommendations and they comply as they can.  And we need Herd immunity.  If the old and vulnerable need to stay in let them.  As for the rest of us, and yes I am old, let us be free and the Constitution allows us to be but not White Springs and their damned biases.  We are not a large city and we are not New York.  And in spite of what Ms. Williams says, not all old folks or others are in by 11:00 pm.  It’s a wonderful time to walk. All our friends who are retired stay up until 1am to 2am in the morning as do we. Karin for the blog





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