little lofty please don’t cry; it is time for you to be a better guy!

Poor Mayor Lofty.  He expressed how difficult it was for him during the campaign because of other people’s nastiness in what they said about him.  Now if he was pointing fingers at either Griffin, understand, we have done much research on Mayor Lofty when he was running as Superintendent of Schools AND WORKING FOR THE h.o.p.e. PROGRAM .  He is not the nice man who keeps his word and at that time, he was even picking on people of African American or Black descent,  AND TAKING FOOD FROM CHILDREN SO HE COULD HELP HIS OWN.  

Now everything which was  and is said relates to opinions of disbelief of what he said or has done and furthermore, his actions have not been honest.  And the new Resolution on how the public should act is ridiculous.  SOMEONE SAID THERE WAS A RHATT SITING AT TOWN HALL ON THE 7TH OR 8TH SO IT IS NICE TONJA, STACY, AND YOU HAD A CHANCE TO WORK ON THE RESOLUTION AT NIGHT AMONG YOURSELVES MEANING, LIKE USUAL, YOU ARE MEETING WITH OTHER COUNSELORS OUTSIDE OF THE SUNSHINE WHICH IS ILLEGAL.


But Lofty, if you think we were mean with utilizing constructive criticism of you, Rhett Bullard, Tonja Brown and Willie Jefferson, think again.  For years we went through this ourselves and we hold no anger except what we have said about those listed above has a legitimate purpose whereas, what people said of us did not.   Here’s an example of what we went through day after day, week after week for at least two to three years:

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You are the coward who hides behind your fat wife’s skirts, ugly hats and computer and if you are challenged all you will do is threaten with a law suit instead of fighting like a man. You and your ugly wife are just envious of the people of WS who are successful, handsome and worked hard to have some money now. Your envy is eating you alive.

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So don’t cry little Lofty, we will never attack you personally, but on the job you have set out to do which is legally wrong.


Karin for the blog.

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