Less Police in WS probably means the curfew will remain for months even though that is not a correct reason

In accordance with statistical evidence, based upon White Springs’ population, we should employ 1.5  police officers.  We hear that soon there will only be two officers, and we don’t know whether Chief Rodriquenz is considered to be one of the two.   We understand that Officer Dowdy will remain and that is great since he is also one of the hero firefighters, with Tom Brazil who helped in the Dye fire to save other homes.  But we have no idea whether Officer Doyle is also taking another position or whether he is remaining.

According to rumors, it is not because the officers dislike White Springs but the fact that they can have a better livelihood in another municipality where they are paid better and one can’t blame them.

It was also confirmed that it was not because of the COVID-19 pandemic that we have a curfew, but because one of the councilors felt protection was required in  the neighborhood from Lake City parties  coming to White Springs after being kicked out of Lake City by the police.  Apparently everyone knows we don’t have police protection.  Nevertheless we should not have a curfew because of the lack of police protection and not because of the virus..

In the small Town where I attended school there has always been only one police officer who is the Chief.  This police officer is out at night and not during the day unless he is called, which is the logical way of handling any crimes, alcoholics or fights, etc.  And if there were any major problems, the highway patrol was called. Yet White Springs does not do that.  In other words the schedules of the police should be somewhat sporadic in that sometimes one officer will be on at night, another on a day and not every day, so that everyone doesn’t know what is happening.  There appears to be concern for an officer’s safety  which I can understand but maybe if the Town ran the drug dealers out and fined the users it would be a different case.  I would think the officer on duty could call for assistance if it is a major problem or perhaps we should have a trained dog in our police cars to assist in the protection of the police officer.

Now as you have read in the paper the Jasper officers and firefighters are under Quarantine because they responded to an accident the weekend prior and were exposed to the virus as was the patrolman.

We also understand there are only two deputy sheriff’s who patrol at night for all of Hamilton County.


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