What White Springs desperately needs is a “What Now” meeting. Last night’s feel good about ourselves meeting was a waste of time and assets. White Springs has serious problems that won’t be cured by feeling good about ourselves for all of the wonderful ideas put forth. But they were all What If stuff. Not one issue was discussed that addressed the dire immoral straights that White Springs finds itself in. For all of Walter’s talk about getting along and treating others with respect I am here to tell you that in 20 years Walter has never shown me any respect. Like everything else at last night’s meeting Walter is dreaming. After all why should he not do what he lectures us about?

Maybe our leadership, regardless if its Rhett, Spencer, Helen, Joe McKire  Bill Lawrence or Bob Farley. Maybe we just aren’t capable of governing ourselves. We’d rather feel good than do the hard work of straightening out the mess that we are in. Don’t want to upset anybody who might someday need me or me them. Or perhaps it is perfectly okay with the town that it stole $750,000 from the Local Option Fuel Tax or that we’ve run a 3-2 town for too long we don’t see the disruption it is causing us.

“What Now?”

Get rid of the Chief of the Fire Department.

Get rid of the Chief of Police.

Get Rid of Tebo

Get Rid of Lofton.

Open up the government of White Springs for all to see. We are not a top secret military installation. We live in a State where supposedly Open Government is supreme. But in the 20 years I have been in town we’ve had everything BUT Open Government

For goodness sake let me see the odometer on Andrew’s fire truck. What’s wrong with that Helen? I know Stacy and the Fire Chief Steve have lied about it. Why not just fess up and tell the truth? After all it is a public record, is it not?. Perhaps it is not. Perhaps it is Andrew’s private truck after all.

Why not follow the law, its not hard. Spencer has broken so many sunshine law provisions that I won’t need to torpedo the South Hamilton Elementary School project. I’ll I have to prove is that the “negotiations” for the school  were all done in the darkness, not in the Sunshine. Spencer set himself up as a dictator and the town when down hill faster than when Rhett had the helm. And I’m going to call you on it Helen, I promise you. Stop the project before the town gets embarrassed in front of the world.

And speaking of “in the darkness” where are the notes or paperwork on all of the works that have been done by Spencer and others? Last night he said they were on his phone. I’ve asked for them since they are, by definition, a public record. What do you bet that I don’t get them without a case being filed.

I only wish I hadn’t filed the 20 suits that I did file when I didn’t know what I was doing. Just one suit more and the town would crumble under the weight of its immorality and lawlessness. I think I’ll ask the Judge for one more suit, please, just one more. Soddam and Gemora were two cities in ancient Palestine. We are an immoral city just like those two except we don’t know it or care about it. Screw it I’ll just pay the price and hire Joe Little, a civil rights attorney in Gainesville. He’ll put an end to this immoral lying behavior.

Enough of this rambling,. Never have I been so excited about a meeting as I was last night. Never have I been more disappointed that I am over last night’s meeting. We had an excellent chance to solve a problem or two. But we were more interested in signs on a bike trail than signs of illegal behavior. Shame on us.

The difference in White Springs and the Cub Scouts is that the Cub Scouts have adult leadership. A thing we don’t and never have had but our leaders don’t care, our citizens don’t care. What If is not the question. What NOW is the question and we refuse to ask it.  several town managers and Mayors will attest to that. You can’t spend money from What If. Only What NOW will solve our problems.

Who Cares? Karin and I care. Does Helen? The jury is still out on that question.


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