For those of you who don’t remember Ms. Logan was the attorney who got the federal judge to agree with the town in our, Karin’s and my, Civil Rights suit against the town. Bout time to repay the favor. The town Council by a 3 to 2 vote can sue Ms. Tebo for breech of contract. This Blog has posted Ms. Tebo’s contract on several occasions. We will point out which items of her contract she has broken.

Everyone is so concerned that Tebo will sue us if Spencer and Tonja don’t agree that Tebo has done us, the town, wrong. Here is the way out of that dilemma. Sue her first. Here Breach is multiple and on-going. And Pam and Yvonne will be our star witnesses assuming they want to keep their jobs. We’ve to a witness to the fact that early on in the Town’s relationship with Tebo that she, Tebo, said Pam was incompetent, a fact not in dispute.

It’s time to rid ourselves of the scourge of Tebo. We don’t worry about her suing us, we simply sue her for the same contract that says four Council members are required to terminate Tebo. This way only 3 Council members are required to sue Tebo. To be sure there will be a counter suit by Tebo but she would have to pay for it herself. And the Council can vote 3 to 2 to not authorize the expenditure of public funds for the Town Manager who is  being sued for Breech of Contract.

If Tebo is found in Breach of Contract the contract is null and void. That takes us back to a 3 to 2 vote to terminate her for cause, another thing that is not in dispute. Yes, it is time to fight her with her own tools that the town is so frightened of. It is a win win for the town. Either she no longer has a contract or she quits before court date thereby losing her $15,000.00 severance package. At most it would cost the town $15,000.00 to buy out her contract. She certainly  doesn’t want the Federal Court in the DEBARY case to know she is now being sued for breach of contract. As I said, it is a WIN-WIN for the town, its citizens and its cash strapped budget. Time to end our relationship with Tebo and get on with hiring a new Town Manager. I suggest  a town resident who is just short of getting his Master’s in the same thing that Tebo says hers is in. In fact it is a WIN_WIN_WIN. We cannot lose. Either Tebo must run up legal fees, which I don’t believe she has with the DeBary suit fixing to be settled shortly, or she finds another attorney other than her DeBary lawyer to take her case on contingency. I don’t believe that any attorney would take two cases on Contingency.

No it is time to hire, in the Sunshine, Megan Logan of Lake City. Way past time. And there is no conflict of interest because she defended the town  before and she can defend the town again. Its just that the town has changed, grown a pair, since before.

Joe Griffin

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