I remember Andrew before he became the chief turd guy

The special person  Andrew Greene, prior to be designated the “Water and Sewer” guy spent all his time at the hardware store with the town vehicle shooting the breeze.   He did not handle his code inspector position and even used his fire engine to come by our house just to turn his lights on and harass us. That is not a man who appears dedicated to anything.   You could always find him talking to someone and watching other people work.  His relative threw fire crackers at our house and jeep. NiceTown of elite people.  Right?  You betcha!

Apparently  Andrew had a difficult time passing his his Water license. Joe received his information from the Town whereby the Town in it’s budget eliminated the tutor’s fees with a comment “If he passes his exam” there would be a 0.00 balance due. Joe however, always seeks the truth and called to find out whether that information was correct. We were happy he finally passed his exam but have to say it took long enough. We hope now he can do something about the quality of water.

We understand also that poor Andrew had difficulty passing his fire One course and Kevin Pittman worked diligently to have him pass.  The Town has always paid for everything Andrew has done.  Yet, would the Town pay for anyone else?  I rather doubt it because Andrew is special.

With most cities across America, if your water rate is increased or not, there are services which come with that increase.

  • Replace aging pipes; replace the asbestos concrete pipes
  • Improve and protect the health of the residents of White Springs FL
  • Pay for increased operation and maintenance costs.

White Springs Mayor and Council instead do not care about their constituents.  There are more cases of cancer among Black Women and White Women and Men in White Springs than I have ever seen in a town this size.

We have impurities and bacteria in the water, old pipes which add additional impurities, and an inexperienced person at the helm…Andrew.  We spent a great sum of money having him pass so it is evident he was favored.  You say we are racist, but why was there not an opportunity for someone with a GED or high school education given the same opportunity.  They, no matter what their race, White, Black or Brown may have really been interested in the job and worked hard to purify the water.   Andrew should be flushing pipes more frequently since there has never been money set aside to replace the bad pipes.  Talk about conservation, all that flushing right now with only the complaints of the citizens is wasting away water, let alone each resident having to pay for White Spring’s mistakes of not doing those things which are really important to the health and welfare of its citizens.

Per Farley Andrew, the lazy one with little education (a GED), got a salary increase. Here are Farley’s words.Under “Proposed Water Fund, Plant Environment, salaries” and “Proposed Sewer Fund, Sewer Plant (operations), salaries” Total $31,200.

Which is funny, actually quite a joke, considering his real salary last year was somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,000. The town is claiming that since he now has his “tickets” to be a sewer and water guy he is entitled to a pay increase.

Never mind that the Council, under Townsend, got him a $2500.00 increase last year to study for the Sewer and Water exams. Never mind that the town paid $7000 for a tutor for Andrew to pass the sewer and water exams. And perhaps most important there is a gentleman in town, me who already has passed the two exams, who would work for $18,000 per year, a $14000.00 savings, which is what Independent contractors would charge.   I wouldn’t do it today but I felt I would help until they secured someone. . This is pure corruption, special stokes for special folks. With this salary increase he was making approximately Farley’s salary. I tell you it is quite a joke.

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