How does the Town expect to retain good police officers and firefighters if there is no benefit but ample complaints by a Town Manager who doesn’t even have an idea what they do.

I Still miss Detective Cecil Brownfield who was not only an exemplary police officer/detective but also a firefighter for White Springs, under Chief Pittman.   I still remember Detective Brownfield handling the Police Chief’s position while she was out and he did such an amazing job, I hate to say, she was not missed.   I know he must be happy where he is now, but every so often we think of him.  He was and is the best of the best and we always wish him our best.

Our police officers have a difficult task in that they know what is right and what is required by law but unfortunately their hands have been tied. Because of  politics, they are not allowed to remove drug dealers and brothels.  Yet in spite of this our Officers do a stellar job.

Officer John Davis undertook Code Enforcement but had to resign because Tonja Brown did not believe in fair and just code enforcement.

I do not know why the Town Manager believes she and the officials know more than the people on the job who work within the law. Frankly the way our police department is treated, I can understand why White Springs is only a spring board for going somewhere else.   There is so much political crap one has to go through in White Springs, most officers have to think of White Springs as Temporary until they find a place where the law is valued.

WhenTom Brazil told me that the BP Money was to go toward the Fire and Police Departments but we have never heard where it was spent, it was another sad thing indeed.  Our police officers do not receive raises in spite of the fact that they do an excellent job in assisting the public in spite of not being able to do certain things which the officials don’t want accomplished. Where are the pay increases, the benefits or bonus money.  We can pay for Attorneys but not Law Enforcement?  Our firefighters are volunteers on call who are not paid and treated unfairly by our Town Manager.  Where is the incentive to work for a Town who does not appreciate our police and firefighters?

Furthermore, we would not have had to pay for the fire truck of $15,000 in installments of $5,000 and have Stacy complain because it cost so much to fix a Turbo and what was a Turbo?.  That’s reason enough for Stacy to just shut up and let the pros do their job.  How do you expect a purchase of an older fire engine to work as if it were new off the factory line? Yes everything needs maintenance.  And since the Town now understands there is a charter, Stacy needs to read the portion relating to Fire Department.  It is required and right now we do not have what I would call a viable fire department with four people since Stacy took away the best fire department we ever had with the help of Rhett Bullard.

Not only police, but I have been fighting for years for the firefighters to receive some money for volunteering.  To drive to the station or to the fire in their own vehicles cost money including fuel and wear and tear. There is no reason the firefighters  including police who are required to also be at a fire, that all should be paid $10-20 a fire.   It is not fair that all money now goes to Steve Stith and Andrew Greene, with Stith having complained the money was insufficient before, when the firefighters that actually go to a fire are paid nothing….and they do not have a fire truck to use for their personal use.  I do not know how the Town feels their treatment of Police and Firefighters is fair, when there never seems to be an increase in pay for the Police officers nor bonus money for both departments.


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