Happy Days are Here again!

It is a happy day for the Citizens of White Springs.  Our corrupt councilors and Town Manager are losing the battle and presumably the war charted against Dr. Miller.   What Brown, Jefferson, and Bullard did at the so called quasi judicial hearing was totally malicious as well as frivolous.   One apparently has to get out of the 3rd Judicial Circuit and the Good Ole Boy network to have fairness in the law.  The entire 3rd circuit seems to be corrupt and this has to stop. Our congratulations to Dr. Miller!!! and her fine attorney Mark Herron!!!!


And speaking of fairness in the law, Ms. Tebo’s attorney is to provide a response to the Courts today with regard to the discrimination suit she filed against DeBary.  As to DeBary they are requesting the case be closed because there was no proof of discrimination against Ms. Tebo.

Ms. Tebo should have realized that since the EEOC did not undertake her case against DeBary but rather gave her a boilerplate letter that she could sue if she desired outside of the EEOC, that she should have not brought suit.  She just did not have the justification to file a “discrimination” suit.   But I am certain her attorney needs to make a living and took the long shot.  We will apprise you as to what transpires, if a response is received by the Tebo attorney, as soon as the Court shows the information which should be tomorrow.


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