03/03/2020 Attorney Logan Began preparation of a response to Citizen’s Complaint by Joe Griffin against Tommie Jones including a discussion of agency principals under both employment law and Tort  1.30 hours $292.50

03/09/2020 Communications with Tommie Jones regarding consent of applicant for employment to agree to background check, including references of prior employers, school transcripts, etc. and whether such consent must be separate form or contained within the application itself.

03/09/2020 Communication with Tommie Jones regarding status of citizen complaints and response to same

03/09/2020 Attorney Logan prepared policies and procedures for Committees and Boards of the Town of White Springs including citation to applicable charter and other provisions  1.70 hours $382.50

03/10/2020 Attorney Logan continued preparation, expansion and revision of revised charter 1.80 $0.00

-03/10/2020 Attorney Logan analyzed the issues regarding missing details relating to running for specific seats as voted upon in last year’s referendum and the ability to fill in this detail via an ordinance, including timing of same given that qualifying is ongoing.

03/10/2020 Continued preparation, expansion and completion of response to complaint by Joe Griffin dated February 17, 2020 regarding unlawful use of Town email address by Tommie Jones including citation to cases involving principles of agency and tort  .90 hours $202.50.  Attorney Logan also attended the regular meeting  2.40 $562.50.

03/10/2020  Attorney Logan received correspondence from Councilman Tom Moore regarding his stance on the complaint against Tonja Brown since he will not be in attendance at tonight’s council meeting.   .10 $22.50

03/13/2020  Attorney Logan attended an Emergency Meeting .80 hour $180.00

03/20/2020  Attorney Logan reviewed Executive Order 20-69 as it relates to no longer requiring the physical presence of a quorum to conduct a meeting pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 268 and communications with Town personnel regarding same.

03/22/2020 Attorney Logan reviewed the index of ordinances and ordinances 99-20 and 19-04 for use in responding to public record requests by Joe Griffin including preparation of proposed response.

03/27/2020 Attorney Logan had multiple communications with Town personnel and officials regarding a suggestion that there will be house parties and gatherings of multiple people and enactment of a regulation or resolution to prohibit same.  $112.50

03/31/2020  Conducted testing of audio meetings and discussion of protocol for same  1.00 hour $225.00

03/31/2020 Attorney Logan made a telephone call to Helen Miller regarding complaint procedures, including threshold showing of validity before ever holding a quasi-judicial hearing  $90

03/31/2020 Review of Executive Orders related to COVID-19 in preparation for upcoming Special meeting  1.20  $0.00

Total Billing payable to Douglas & Carter $2,542.50

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