04/01/2020  Attorney Logan communicated with Tommie Jones regarding public records request for a statute and appropriate response to same.

Attorney Logan Analyzed issues, including review of Charter and a request for a resolution referenced within Section 2.05 of the Charter, regarding monthly council meetings to ensure there is no rule or policy requiring physical presence of a quorum that would require us to use emergency rulemaking to implement policy allowing for telephonic presence of a quorum.

Also on 4/01/2020 Attorney Logan reviewed Executive Order 20-91 also referred to as the “stay at home” order, including analysis of the effect, if any, on local government operations and communications with Town Manager regarding same.

04/02/2020 Attorney Logan reviewed the agenda and practice use of communication systems with Tommie Jones for holding the upcoming council meeting  $0.00

04/03/2020 Meagan Logan had communications with Mayor Miller and Tommie Jones regarding official action on EO 20-91 or Hamilton County Emergency Declarations and Ordinance including review of county ordinances and consideration of issues regarding the adoption of same  $135

04/03/2020 Attorney Logan communicated with Tommie Jones regarding the resignation of Yvonne Bryant.

04/06/2020 Attorney Logan prepared a proposed Resolution declaring a local State of Emergency and Communications with Tommie Jones and Mayor Miller regarding same.$180

04/06/2020 Attorney Logan communicated with Tommie Jones regarding the resignation/termination oof Yvonne Bryant and the revision and expansion of correspondance regarding same  $157.50

04/07/2020 Attorney Logan had a Telephone call with Chief Rodriquenz requesting we impose a curfew during the public health emergency.  She also reviewed additional Executive orders.

04/07/2020 Attorney Logan prepared proposed Resolution 2020-03 enacting a local curfew during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  $180

04/07/2020 Attorney Logan communicated with Helen Miller regarding the Town Manager position, establishing a curfew and the upcoming Easter Event  $112.50

04/07/2020  Attorney Logan received and analyzed public records request from Joe Griffin re:  Authority for a consultant to terminate a Town employee and correspondence to Tommie Jones regarding appropriate response to same.  $22.50

04/08/2020  Attorney Logan attended the telephonic Special Meeting  $270.00

04/09/2020  Attorney Logan communicated with Tommie Jones and Helen Miller regarding holding a regular meeting on April 14, in light of recent special meeting and agenda for same.

04/12/2020 Attorney Logan reviewed and responded to public records request from Joe Griffin, regarding documents supporting a statement made in my memorandum regarding Mr. Jones’ hiring as a consultant  $22.50

04/13/2020  Review of statutory oath provided by Tommie Jones and statutory requirements that it be given by a notary for use in determining the type of oath and who should give same during the upcoming organizational meeting  $87.50

Attorney Logan on 4/13/2020 also prepared resolution 2020-04 extending the local declaration of emergency.

04/14/2020 Attorney Logan prepared a proposed Citizens Complaint Procedure including review of prior Ordinance 99-20, memorandum authorized by former Town Attorney F. Koberlein and policy used by Alachua County.

04/14/2020 Attorney Logan reviewed the agenda and supporting materials for this evening’s telephonic meeting.

04/14/2020 Attorney Logan Attended the telephonic regular meeting $360.00

04/16/2020 Attorney Logan responded to a public records request by Joe Griffin for Resolution 2020-03  $22.50.

04/22/2020 Attorney Logan had a communications with Tommie Jones regarding th information needed to complete the organizational chart that will accompany revised personnel Manual.

04/22/20 Attorney Logan attended a Special Meeting  $247.50

04/23/2020 Attorney Logan prepared Resolutions 2020-05 extending the declaration of local state of emergency and 2020-06 extending the curfew, including the review of Hamilton County’s website for their resolutions extending the local declaration of emergency, for use and citation within same. $112.50

Attorney Logan on 4/23/2020 continued the preparation of the Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual (pages 22 through 27 of the current policy.)  $292.50

04/23/2020  Attorney Logan received Correspondence from Yvonne Bryant regarding payment of her annual leave and communicated with Tommie Jones Regarding Same.

04/24/2020  Attorney Logan communicated with Tommie Jones and Anita Rivers regarding the payment of annual leave upon termination with cause, including a statement by Ms. Bryant that another former employee who was terminated was paid for accrued annual leave and reviewed the documentation regarding same.$90

04/24/2020  Attorney Logan prepared proposed correspondence to Yvonne Bryant confirming that pursuant to policy she will not be paid accrued annual leave because she was terminated with cause.

04/24/2020 Attorney Logan continued the preparation and expansion of the Personnel Policies and Procedures (pages 27 through 35 of the current policy) $450.00

04/24/2020  Attorney Logan began preparation of Resolution 2020-08 encouraging local businesses and patrons to use CDC recommended guidelines and safe practices  $135

04/27/2020  Continued preparation and expansion of Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual (specifically pages 35 through 47)  $472.50

04/27/2020  Attorney Logan revised the initial response to Public Records request with regard to language derived from statute and the case of Promernade D’Iberville, LLC v Sundu and correspondence with Tom Moore and Tommie Jones Regarding same.

04/28/2020 Attorney Logan had communications with Tommie Jones regarding public records requests from Joe Griffin sent to Tom Moore and Mr. Jones request for an extension of his contract through the May Meeting.

04/28/2020  Attorney Logan prepared a Memorandum of Agreement extending the Agreement between Tommie Jones and the Town to serve as Interim Town Manager through May 12, 2020 including communications with Tommie Jones regarding same.. $90

04/28/2020  Attorney Logan continued the preparation, expansion and completion of Resolution 2020-08 encouraging local business owners, patrons and residents to utilize the CDC recommended safety procedures and communication with Town officials regarding same.

04/30/2020  Attorney Logan communicated with outside counsel S. Endeyi regarding changes in leadership and any other recent events in advance of Rule 26, Case Management Conference in Preuter v Town of White Springs.  $90

Attorney Logan communicated with Town officials on April 30th regarding the mootness of Resolution 2020-07 requesting a testing center in White Springs, Florida where a testing center has already been made available.

04/30/2020  Attorney Logan attended the Organizational Meeting  $202.50

Of the Total billings for the Month of April of $4,860.00 a discount was given of $2,160.00 for a Total owed Douglas & Carter of $2,700.00.


Although that appears to be a hefty discount, apparently our attorney has agreed somewhere that she will not bill the Town of White Springs more than $2,700 a month.

With Attorneys, it appears there is a charge for every minute expended where doctors and clinics who are now using telephonic and skype type communications are charging only minimal billings like 10-20% of their normal billings.   In any event this was a great discount and the relationship between the attorney and Mayor Miller seems to be working in favor of the Town.


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