Fake Firemen Stith and Greene don’t answer calls but Lofty doesn’t care, it is just about his ego and not about protecting the people

I am looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say about what needs to be done to correct the many wrongs of the last four years.

As you know, my passion has and always will be the Fire Department, but unfortunately, the Fire Department we have with Steve Stith as Chief and Little Andrew Greene doesn’t cut it.  Lofty can brag that he whined his way into getting a new contract for the Fire department, but guess what?  White Springs could have EARNED $30,000 a year if we actually had a fire department.  Now White Springs will be getting $2,500 a quarter or $10,000 a year for just sitting it out and not doing a thing.

It might be nice for you all to know but Jennings was also given the same contract as White Springs but the fire chief and firefighters said, they will work for the $10,000 or $2,500 a quarter unlike White Springs.  The problem still with White Springs , no matter what Lofty felt he received from his whining is that we cannot produce two firefighters in a serious event, because we have no real firefighters.

There was a house fire on 87th Street just North of the Town of White Springs.  The White Springs Fire Department, I understand was paged FOUR times by dispatch with no one responding.  This happened on April 13th at around 8:30 am.  Thank God we have Genoa because otherwise, the next time it could be your house fire and it is time that others besides Joe and I start fighting hard to get Kevin Pittman Back as our Fire Chief. I do know that Mayor Miller and many others have been concerned for some time, but obviously our previous Gang of Three didn’t care or didn’t have a clue. With Stacy Tebo’s lies against Pittman, that may be difficult but he was the best Chief we could have ever hoped for and Bullard, Brown, Jefferson and Lofton didn’t do a thing to bring a viable fire department to White Springs.  Furthermore the Town received $17,000 a year from Hamilton County previously for County protection and I bet not one cent was given to the Fire Department because they would rather take care of their favorites.

We need the community’s support to get our Fire Department back and as far as I am concerned Stacy Tebo needs to provide an apology for her mishandling of our Fire Department and to Kevin Pittman specifically.  Oh, yes, and Stith and Greene need to be fired and if we the people fight for this, then we may have hope.


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  1. I still am one to believe that steve is only the fire chief to protect his little boy Andrew. Why on earth is this man running a fire department he ran away like a little school girl from every real fire department he worked for. This fire department is one joke they dont train they dont run calls hell they dont even live here. The few times i have seen them run a call is one young kid wearing short a fishing tshirt an boat deck shoes this was at a motor vehicle crash this kid had on no Personal protective gear like bunker hell not even a traffic safety vest which is supposed to be worn by state law and DOT. This whole thing needs to be changed fire Steve get rid of the little boy Andrew who is afraid of fire an cant handle the heat. Why is it that not one citizen has stepped up raised hell about this. Just think about it if your house is on fire you best pray someone calls for another department because god knows white springs fd wont show an if they did it would only be steve and Andrew two people who are afraid of fire thats really going to work out for you people get real White Springs fire Steve and Andrew.

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