Everything on our budget seems to be eaten by legal fees

Amazing, but not unthinkable that Stacy/Pam would not bother to report to council/the public that they actually spent $31,388.85 rather than $25,950 on Anita’s allegations against Stacy.  One would think that Larkin’s fees would have been significantly greater than Koberlein’s since Larkin was tasked with writing the final report (more billable hours for Larkin).

When Helen Miller was removed from her council chair  there was $20,000+ in the economic development account (the funds she earned for the town from the DEO Competitive Florida grant).  Those funds no longer exist in the budget.  It would be easy to speculate that Stacy/Pam/Rhett would think it amusing that the funds Helen Miller worked for would be used to pay for lawyers to get rid of Anita and/or her



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