At the workshop, called a special meeting on the notification, today the town was asked by two citizens for assistance in funding their separate but equally worthwhile projects.

One of the projects  is a basketball camp (one week in duration). The other project is a Hope type program of eight weeks in duration.

But we’ve got  no money to spend on either of these two worthwhile programs. We’ve got the volunteers, when got the location, we’ve got the program but what we don’t have is the money. We don’t have the money because the town already spent the money frivolously on legal expenses. As an example we paid $8700.00 to an attorney firm to represent Stacy in her hearing against Helen Miller. NO PLACE IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA AND ITS WHOLE HISTORY HAS A GOVERNMENT ENTITY SPENT MONEY TO REPRESENT A TOWN EMPLOYEE WHEN SHE (Stacy)WASN’T ACCUSED OF ANYTHING. Yet White Springs did and now the children are going to pay for it. And lest we forget it Tonja, Willie and Rhatt okayed this expenditure, this illegal expenditure of funds, to support the harlot Stacy. I say make her (Stacy) pay back the money since it was illegally spent on a defense for her when none was needed. She wasn’t accused of anything, she was the accuser.

No kids program because Tonja, Willie and Rhatt foolishly spent it on other things, the other things be legal defenses when no defense was necessary. Stacy didn’t get accused of anything. She is a rotten employee only superseded by Tonja Willie and Rhatt.

Remember this summer when there are no kids programs. Especially remember this come April of 2019 when Rhatt and Tonja run for reelection. Both of them are a waste of good air.


  1. Dont forget we pay little baby joe joe 3 different pay checks for jobs he does not do. Lets see what they are code enforcement the Ass chief job an now the fire marshal job none of which he does. They spend countless amounts of money to let all the city employees take vehicles home we as taxes payers should not have to pay for the utility’s director the public works director also half of the bill for the town manager to drive back and forth to work. It is mind blowing to me if we where a big big city with 20 million dollar budget then maybe but with such a small town with a little budget we dont need to pay for all this. Stand up for your town Stand up for your community Take action an let get together and remove tebo along with her pets out of office. Time for a clean sweep take them out to the trash where they belong.

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