If you just terminate tebo without the attorney and arbitrator now, you’ll subject the Town to further lawsuits

If you do not secure an attorney, councilors, for Stacy Tebo’s Breach of contract by filing a suit or perhaps if suggested by an attorney, an arbitrator, you will be subject to the same three years of Lawsuits that DeBary has been and defense costs a municipality an abundance of money even if no award is given.  

So, since you may be considering just terminating her for her poor performance, remember that is What DeBary Did.  First she file an EEOC complaint and then lawsuits on very thin grounds.  Do you want that White Springs?

Yes people are tired of lawsuits; I concur, but if you do not go after Tebo for her Breach of Contract by a civil proceeding, you are asking for another three years of Tebo going after the Town which will cost a ton in defense even though we know she has not handled her position as Town Manager.

Secure an Attorney and possibly an arbitrator.  Tebo has hurt our Town Financially and the Citizens will pay for it in the Shorts.  This needs to be done legally with an Attorney and that will save lawsuits in the future.  And if an arbitrator is chosen, and a plan is determined, there will be a condition that any payment made to Tebo will be final and considered a full settlement so she is unable to sue the Town.  Remember if the Attorney suggests an Arbitrator, the Town and Tebo each have to pay the arbitrator.



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