Do you wonder who writes “The RHATT Watch”?


You may wonder “Who is the writer of The RHATT Watch”.  Although we have always told you that we research the material or know the individual(s) who provide us information, this time I must tell you “We don’t know”.

What we do know is that the individual has an articulate vernacular and has immense knowledge of this town and it’s actors.  We know not if he or she is a reporter or an investigator, but the information coming in is far more than what our sources have reported.

Each day or thereabouts, we see an envelope (a large or small envelope depending on the material) on our front porch.  Obviously, it is dropped when our hound “Dino” is not around, because he usually does not take to just anyone coming to our door and his howls would be noted.

Similar to the days of Shakespeare where one would not dare utter a name of a politician without satirical equivalence to hint only to the political corruption, our writer, a modern day Shakespeare evoking his or her First Amendment Rights is greatly revered.

“The RHATT Watch is one of the most popular articles on the White Springs Journal and we give the writer our gratitude and thanks for the enlightenment of our Town for such a fun story of the day.

Thank you also to our Readership who has never let us down.  Remember if you have information, you also would like to share, you may place it in comment form on the blog or drop an envelope by when Dino is not on the front porch.


Karin for the blog

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