Cutting Taxes and going to the Feds for money ???? Oh well, here’s the answer

Paul, a new participant to the blog, chimes in. Here is what he said:


You claim your for saving and cutting taxes, but your the first person who wants to go to the feds for money. Which in turn means I still pay. Which come to think of it, why do you support socialism? Why do you feel it is the federal government problem if we have new sidewalks? Isn’t it our town, our problem?

I have learn over time, it is very easy to fuss over things. I’m a pro at it, but where I need to go to help the city obtain things we could use, I’m not good at. From your statements . . . your not either.


Joe’s Comments: What Paul’s comments have to do with Code enforcement is beyond me. I didn’t say go to the Federal or State for money to fix the sidewalks but the sidewalks do need repair in some places. As for seeking the grants for some of the other projects and attitude changes by the Town Fathers White Springs lives on Grant Money for its special projects

I am not a socialist nor do I support socialism. But the Council is and does. As the Mayor once said about a new town manager “We need someone who can beg real good.”


Karin’s comments:

We could have a very rich town if we would stick to our budget; remove all corruption, follow the laws, the Land Development Regulations, Ordinances and the like.  We probably wouldn’t have to even charge 10% on all utilities, phones, etc and as high a rate for sewer.  But the Town has been so corrupt for so long and we have a finance director that has no idea how to handle the job and work with a Town Manager, much less provide reports for the council which I do not believe she has ever done.   It has gone on so long, this absurd spending and now we are almost bankrupt, thanks to Rhett Bullard’s tenure.  It is sad indeed.  Especially when a Town Manager should find ways of getting money in the General Fund and all she seems to be is a glorified clerk with no finance talent.

Grants are allowable to Small Towns and businesses and should not be considered socialism, especially if Towns cannot get the appropriate revenue.  It isn’t like the Town has this big credit card so when money is short, they can charge something at a reasonable rate.  No they have to put in money to get grant money.

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