Council it is time you started doing things correctly. It is your duty.

” The Eleventh Circuit has
opined that “public officials inherently
owe a fiduciary duty to the public to
make governmental decisions in the
public’s best interest. If the official
instead secretly makes his decision
based on his own personal interest . . .
the official has defrauded the public of
his honest services.”

Tommie Jones being made a consultant was done in the darkness  No one knew except when a complaint was made about his checkered background, our Town Attorney stated he was a consultant and not an employee.  But here is the deal, I told the Attorney that he was an independent contractor and could not be a Manager.  I sent the rules relating to his being an independent contractor.   But perhaps the best thing was Joe getting involved showing that our form of Government requires a Town Manager, but a Manager cannot be a consultant.

Tommie Jones had no right to fire Prueter, except that Walter McKenzie was in the meeting and the Council’s Policy was that we hire Kevin Pittman as the Fire Chief and bring our former firefighters back.  Tebo did not follow policy. And the Council had the right to bring back Kevin Pittman.

  • Tommie Jones had no right to fire Yvonne Bryant

  • Tommie Jones has no right to hire anyone

  • Tommie Jones has no decision making abilities

  • Tommie Jones cannot be the purchasing agent

  • Tommie Jones cannot sign checks or issue checks

  • Tommie Jones cannot discipline anyone

Yet our Attorney gave him the full breath of being a Town Manager/Consultant which is against our Charter and no other Council/Manager form of government would dare to have a consultant as a manager.

Make Beverly Brazil the Interim or Acting Manager as an Employee and she then would have decision making abilities and all Tommie Jones would be allowed to do would be to advise Ms. Brazil.

In order for Tommie to be a manager he would have to be an employee.


What slays me is the Town Council went on a limb to hire a consultant as a Town Manager, but when I said, hire the Fire Department back, when Helen became mayor, I was told to wait.  But this is the deal, the Town Council with the former fire chief and  Fire Department did not respond to calls and it was proven even by the summary I made from the criteria I received from Hamilton County.

The Charter states that the Council needs to have a Fire Department in White Springs.  The Council needed to make a decision right then and there to set policy or a resolution in accordance with the Charter to have Kevin Pittman hired.  Instead we waited for over a year for this to happen and Stacy Tebo to quit when we didn’t need to nor would there have been a complaint if you went over her head, because the Council was required to provide us a fire department. And there would not have been a thing Stacy Tebo could do.

Instead you asked her to do it and of course she hated all of White Springs already so she hired Preuter.  No one would have complained because under Stith we did not have a fire department for two years and the Council owed the Citizens a fire department and had the right and duty to provide one.  Yet nothing was done and all the council did was hem and haw about the distance the firefighters had to drive which were on the old listing.  My gosh, we told you their addresses which were visible on the internet and the mileage, we gave you the information on how fires were not being handled nor any other event and you ignored us.

Had it not been for Stacy giving notice, you would probably still be sitting on the matter.  This is your fault and responsibility council and I am thankful that Stacy finally gave her notice so we could have our fire department back.   You wouldn’t do anything when Helen Miller initially became mayor, but you will hire a Tommie consultant which is definitely against the charter whereas going over Stacy’s head would not have been a violation since you are responsible for giving us a fire department.

What you did with this consultant thing is far more detrimental and is definitely against the charter.  What are you protecting?

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