Before moving to White Springs, I knew corruption existed to some degree in most governments and it usually stemmed from favoritism or nepotism of some sort or in some cases officials using their office for private gain or votes.  But never would I have imagined living in such a small town where corruption seems to have remained for almost two decades.  Seventeen years of corruption Joe would tell me and “I don’t live in other towns.  I live in White Springs”.


Just within the Farley tenure as Town Manager, our Council Members were advised they had to adhere to 119 requests and yet they wished to argue the points.  Our officials just love to place their head in the sand and hope when they come up for a breath that the Town Attorneys who have never explained the law until a few years ago (at least 119’s and the Sunshine Laws), would handle their legal matters.  The council time and time again has requested the attorney file a motion to dismiss and make certain the complainant suffers the consequences, either in the form of a monetary judgment for a frivolous case or threats by the police department.


Even one of our attorneys said it is no wonder that you are now faced with a criminal arrest because apparently you still have not dropped these matters involving the various civil judgments against you.  Well No!  It is because no one follows the law and apparently early on when Griffin took information to the State’s attorney relating to the Town not following the laws, the State’s attorney said he’d look into it but never did.  It apparently was too small for the State to be involved in.  By the lack of involvement at that time and apparently to other citizen’s complaints by the State of Florida it did two things…Florida is considered Number One as the Most corrupt State in America and secondly, it allowed the corruption to remain in these small towns with attorneys protecting them instead of the laws of the state.

In White Springs we have a “Weak Mayor” form of government per our charter, but I am uncertain anyone has ever read the charter.  Our Mayor uses the Town Manager to hire, fire, choose friends for specific paid jobs, asks others to volunteer, and even at meetings, the citizen’s request for assistance like the eloquent Ms. Johnson who asked for a different due date on her utilities, was left unanswered.  The citizens don’t bother to go to meetings or complain.  And if it is heard that someone will complain, they are threatened or their reputation is ruined by some means and method.  It is a really strange bizarre thing they do to those who are not friends of the officials.  No wonder we have so many people coming to us to place things on the blog.

Yet I hear it is worse in Jasper right now; The Females who are fighting the good fight are having their car’s keyed, punctured tires or the air let out of their tires and the like.  They are being threatened as Joe and I were by killing our registered goat, throwing firecrackers at our house and the like.

Now some of these officials think we are picking on them but believe me, I have held a lot of information from the blog which could not be verified.     Yet, even though you officials said “it is mostly Joe”, you’re wrong.  And the greatest thing these officials or Friends of Rhett bring up the blame for Joe is to say that it is the manner in which he expresses himself, that he needs to change, and that it is his fault because he does not get rid of the past.  But how can one get rid of the past when it brings itself into the future.  The past is now the present and things do not change because of the corruption and good ole boy situation we have in Hamilton County.  The Bullard’s say they have been here for eternity and they are one of the best families around and should govern the rest of us who know nothing.  But let me tell you, another family who has been here for years is the Ogburn Family and they are not corrupt and they do not have to manipulate people but rather are good to everyone so, your POINT IS NOT TAKEN.

Larry Carver and others in the community would never hurt the communities in Hamilton County like the Bullards seem to have done from SHE to taking down cities.

Furthermore, unless the story is given to us by one of our usual readers, and even then, I or Joe checks out the story for accuracy before putting it on the blog.    You lie or break the law, expect that we will fight back.  But understand we do not hold those of the past who are within the law now as corrupt but will fight with them against those who hurt them to the end.

That was then and this is now.

Many times, I have hoped all of this is a nightmare…but alas it is White Springs.  So, I have asked Joe to delve into other paperwork than the lawsuits and I find it extremely interesting.  Not only has he been harassed and ridiculed for years but there is evidence he even tried to talk to these people as to why there were complaints.  “No” was the answer.  “We can do as we wish complex” I believe, so they can do as they wish and not worry about the ramifications of the law.  Their heads remain in the sand.

They protect some people from ordinances while others are being threatened to comply.  Losing money for State Protected administration of the law has hurt the other citizens of the community.  Not making certain people or the State Park even paid its fair share in the water and sewer expenditures at one time hurt the citizens of this community.  And when the motel owner that kept residents weekly until they can find a place to live, complained about his $900 water and sewer bill, he was told “You used it so pay for it”.   When Rhett Bullards family friend purchased the Motel, he bent over backwards to assist them with their “proposed senior living facility” and now we see it is for sale again.

It is also rumored that although Rooster had to rent the old jail from the Town as did the lady with the beauty shop which recently closed, the building can be used now by Arthur Natteal for his radio station.  Again that is a rumor but it wouldn’t surprise me because former Councilor Willie Jefferson with Rhett Bullard’s blessing used a Town’s old sewer plant to house a friend in need without permission.  How nice, such benefits being given to friends of the Town including Andrew Greene who is still using the Fire Truck for his personal use.

I am certain Rhett did not make it difficult for his friends as he has with others. No one seems to care about the citizens because grants that could have assisted have gone elsewhere. And if we may not receive the Same Fire Protection Rating, all the citizens will be in the world of hurt because of the Tebo-Bullard Antics.  And what Rhett Bullard said to Nikki Williams about not caring about the “Black” section is beyond the pale.

If you go to Jasper or to other surrounding areas, people refer to White Springs as being “Corrupt” especially bail bondsmen and law enforcement people.  But now we learn that the same thing is happening to Jasper…and remember there is a common denominator….Rhett Bullard.


This is the old criteria on the City of Hampton who was once the most Corrupt Town in Florida:

Asking Questions in Small-Town America Can Be Dangerous

‘I knew we’d get a backlash for our reporting, which was far more aggressive than most small-town papers are willing to stomach. But the news media’s role as watchdog is vital in communities with a long-standing culture of corruption.’

By Samantha Swindler


Please also refer to the following site regarding Hampton FL not classified the most corrupt town in America:

Ruth: Big-time small-town corruption



Of this much we can be reasonably certain. Considering its shortcomings, this rather unfair North Florida hamlet’s motto ought to be: “You’re Unwelcomed in Hampton — A Town Without Probity.”

It’s quite an accomplishment when a municipality has become such a cesspool of corruption, cronyism, mismanagement, duplicity and downright venal idiocy as to attract the ire of the Florida Legislature, which has never been confused with Athenian democracy. This itsy-bitsy city has managed to offend the Legislature’s faux ethics over a tiny cabal of yahoos stuffing their pockets by ripping off innocent dupes.


It’s quite an accomplishment when a municipality has become such a cesspool of corruption, cronyism, mismanagement, duplicity and downright venal idiocy as to attract the ire of the Florida Legislature, which has never been confused with Athenian democracy. This itsy-bitsy city has managed to offend the Legislature’s faux ethics over a tiny cabal of yahoos stuffing their pockets by ripping off innocent dupes.

Of course, all this could be easily explained. Hampton officials noted some missing records had been lost in a swamp, a common problem many American city halls struggle with every year. Other records were lost in a flood.


So it is entirely possible the golden age of Hampton’s Camelot-on-the-Scofflaw might well come to an end. How refreshing to see our elected representatives leaping into the breach to confront unscrupulous brigands operating under the thin guise of law enforcement preying upon the driving public



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