Confirmation that Tebo wishes to be a Town Clerk rather than a Town Manager


In Stacy Tebo’s cover letter addressed to the City of Orange City, she referenced her time at White Springs as follows:


“Since September of 2015, I have been employed as the town manager for the Town of White Springs in North Florida.  I work there during the week and return to Orange City on the weekends.  My son is graduating from University High School later this month, so Orange City is still my home.  White Springs is a small organization and I wear many hats. I oversee all aspects of town services so the work is never ending.  However, I prefer being a city clerk over being a town manager.  I’m also quite homesick and would like to return to Orange City full-time.  I would love to meet with you and discuss the knowledge and experience I could bring to your organization.  I would also appreciate the opportunity to explain the reason for my exit from the City of DeBary”.


It is said that Managers are born and in reviewing what happened at DeBary, one can see where Stacy was FOLLOWING the Assistant Town Manager who lost her job before Stacy was fired, wishing to take down Dan Parrott.   If Stacy had stayed in DeBary and had not taken a public records suit and an EEOC suit, she would have been in her element and making over $70,000.   She obviously has the talent and experience to be a City Clerk as long as she does not have to lead.  And not all of us can be leaders and an employer may say, she would be a great follower, and one who could do their job so any Manager could delegate tasks to Ms. Tebo.  Yet Ms. Tebo has some personality glitches whereas she wants to do things her way and may not listen to any employer and that could be because of an illicit use of opioides.



I know when I was in Management one does not choose a salesperson type or an ENTJ to do clerical work. However, telling a dynamic manager that you are “homesick” might not set well.  Lately there has emerged a clearer sense of what homesickness is – a distinct adjustment disorder with identifiable symptoms – and what causes it. Josh Klapow, a clinical psychologist and associate professor at the University of Alabama’s School of Public Health stated “You’re not literally just missing your house. You’re missing what’s normal, what is routine, the larger sense of social space, because those are the things that help us survive,” . It’s just your emotions and mind telling you you’re out of your element.” And that one misses the security and love of those who have been around them.


In any event, Stacy Tebo has the skills to be a stellar Town Clerk but no matter how she explains her situation at DeBary, it is evident they may consider her liberated and feels if she is not the recipient of acclaim, the Manager who she follows may be subject to further discrimination charges.  Hopefully she realizes what she did in DeBary was a huge mistake and will come back to her senses in the future.  After all, so many are making less money than they did years ago and many under the current Obama administration do not have jobs.  At some point one has to be thankful for what they have and try to work with the people around them.





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