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I think I know why the White Springs council didn’t approve Udell’s request. I have seen a lot of restaurants come and go here.  I noticed the latest one is a food trailer.  How were they able to get approved so easy and Udell couldn’t? Who did they know or are related to? Or maybe you’re right about them not waiting to help African-American business.  Could be both? Maybe Willie Jefferson and Tonja Brown are just a couple of “Uncle Toms” That will do what ever Master Rhett tells them to?

Last year one of the major complaints about Dr. Miller which was published in the Jasper News was that she spent $800 for the banquet and beautiful dreamer award.  Although the plaintiffs apparently found it futile to retain this complaint for the hearing, since the banquet is held yearly, I remember Willie Jefferson saying they’ve done enough for African American Week and Helen Miller should not have spent the money.

At that time, former Mayor McKire received the beautiful dreamer award at the banquet and the cost was complained about by the council.

What I found interesting regarding the MLK, Jr. event was the fact that Reverent Fred Scippio, Sr. was the recipient of the Beautiful Dreamer award.

Both Mayor McKire and Reverend Scippio are fine men who have done so much for the Citizens of White Springs so each deserved the Beautiful Dreamer Award.  I believe the only reason Dr. Miller’s hearing did not include this complaint as was publicized in the Jasper News by Stacy Tebo is that they did not dare bring up a complaint where a former Mayor received the award.  Sick, Sick, Power of Three.

What I am wondering, however, is what Willie Jefferson said that enough has been done for the Black people, if there is no intention of again having Beautiful Dreamer awards.  Instead, they will present an award at the Dr. MLK Jr. celebration and that will save them the money to have a separate banquet as they always have had.

So much for the consideration of any of our citizens in White Springs.  The power of three only think about themselves and defending lawsuits, while not providing lower sewer rates, or utility fees or even food giveaways, which I understand the Churches are now doing.


The Jasper News today headlined “Eight volunteers remain at White Springs Fire Department”   according to Town officials.

It stated seven members resigned at the January 9th council meeting with one more resigning a few days after the meeting.

Town Manager Stacy Tebo said Wednesday there are eight still left with the department and the town is looking for a new fire chief.  She said there have been a few interested in applying for the fire chief position and she may have someone by the end of next week.

She also apparently lied, stating that the department responded to the fire which happened Monday afternooon in the city limits.  “We all work together,” Tebo said.  “Our trucks were out there, Nutrien had their truck, Jasper Fire Department, Columbia County, Division of Forestry and Genoa were out their helping each other.

Assistant Fire Chief Andrew Greene said he had no interest in becoming the fire chief and that the main goal is to rebuild and bring the numbers back up.

“We want to dispel any of the rumors that there are only two members of the fire department” Greene said “We have eight and we are focusing on gaining positive reinforcement and protecting the citizens of White Springs.

You have read various articles on the blog which were written by people in the know.  None shared the same story as Stacy Tebo.

And we have another response:

Some other info on Andrew.  He was in town the time of the brush fire. He was called via cell phone from the chief of Jasper and that chief asked him to come unlock the station so he could get the brush truck. From what i was told by a credible source Andrew said no.  He would not unlock the station.  He was then asked again and the Jasper Fire Chief received the same answer which was given “NO”.

This kind of makes you raise an eyebrow to umm ; if he was into the town folks who were  holding a protest,  he was in town at his daddy Joe’s house.  Then all of a sudden we have a fire and then Andrew refuses to open the station for a fire chief, so he could put a fire out in Andrew’s own town.  It left officer Meeks no choice but to go get the truck seeing he and Andrew are the only two that have keys besides Stacy.

Just something to think about.  Why would he not open the station? Why did he not show up? Why did he not help his own town when he was here in town? Dont we think that just shows the lack of care and commitment he has for this town and its people?

I believe the people who have written, not Stacy Tebo.  If this is working together, I would really like to see what “not working together may be like?”

Perhaps the thing the reporter should have asked Stacy Tebo is how many of the eight firemen are certified?   We know Officer Meeks is; We know Dominique Greene is, who is dangerous around fires and Chief Pittman would not sign her certification; and we know Andrew Greene has no interest in the town or in assisting with fires.

No Stacy Tebo, the best of the best left with Chief Pittman and God help the town if we do not have four certified firemen at a fire, which is a requirement.    I certainly understand why Stacy Tebo’s former manager called her a name that rhymed with “Witch”.

This political bullshit is out of hand.



Did the city report the use of these vehicles on Tracy, Brad and Lil’ Jo’s W2 as income.  their not exempt just because they were Police or Fire vehicles. they used them to drive back and work from home this is a fringe benefit not official use. also Lil’ Jo use to drive the white city truck it’s not an emergency vehicle, so that is for sure is a fringe benefit not reported on his W2 as income to the IRS.  The State of Florida Auditor General Sherrill Norman will have a field day with this for sure.

I know why Andrew was in Tampa.  It was free fire fighter day at Bush Gardens.  So they took the fire truck down there because you can drive fast in it and don’t have to pay for the gas, also they let you drive it inside the park so they didn’t have to walk around or wait in line at the rides.

Actually Andrews wife Dominique has family in Tampa they were probably down to visit them. So the tow ANDREW’S, THE POLICEMAN WHO LIVES IN GEORGIA, AND TRACY’S USE OF A PUBLIC VEHICLE ARE ALL TAXABLE EVENTS TO THE THREE INDIVIDUALS NAMED. I ALSO ASKED ABOUT THE TOWN’S PAYMENT OF $8700 TO STACY’S ATTORNEY IN THE HELEN MILLER FLAP. THAT TOO IS A TAXABLE EVENT FOR STACY. n paid for their trip to visit his in-laws, how nice of us.

Carol Bender McNatt I’ve been here 12 yrs and I’m not quiet about their corruption. We need to all speak up. Our kids have no playground equipment. The state is about to take over. Kids aren’t getting educated bec the good ole boys keep lining their pockets. This could be a great town.

So let me see if i got this right Lil’ Joe is the town’s water manager and assistant fire chief that’s like 2 pay checks, also i heard he gets another check for cutting the grass and maintenance at the cell phone tower at the south end of town and this one applies to Tracy Rodriquenz. Brad Meeks, and also Lil’ Joe because they get the use of city vehicles.  I know there are exemptions for emergency vehicle, but i am sure this only applies to normal driving distance and use.  If Tracy lives in Jacksonville, Brad lives in Georgia and Lil’ Joe drives like it’s his personal car. then they’re not exempt  so if that s the case then it’s like a  fringe benefit and should be reported to the IRS as income on their W2 in block 12 or 14.  I wonder if this is happening I suspect it’s not.  So maybe the Florida Auditor General Sherrill Norman will discover this little mistake when they come in and do a town audit. also besides the Where’s Lil’ Joe game we play one called how many checks does Lil’ Joe get paid and for what and how much.  It seems like I remember he may have got one for doing security at the State of Florida Farmers Market one time and doesn’t he also work at the Florida Folk Festival and other special events at the Stephen Foster who’s paying those checks?

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