Citizens from the Floor – May 7th Workshop – Part 2

Scott Gay, you will recall, was told by Stacy Tebo and Spencer Lofton to secure a grant individually for the sewer and water to his motel.  Mr. Gay was extremely gracious and thanked Councilman and former Mayor Spencer Lofton for assisting him with the application but he elected not to secure the grant because it would encompass the government securing too   much personal  information about his  dealings and financials and that is not something he wishes to do.  Good for him.

Scott Gay is a CPA and holds two licenses with the State of Florida.  He has intellectual Capital where he is free to leave and come back to White Springs.  He mentioned how great it was for Ivan Udell to restart Black Bay and for Raymond Cheshire  remodeling the Country store.  Roger Greene also has two nice houses so many here are trying to build up White Springs.

Mr. Gay indicated that he has heard the comments that the Bike Club doesn’t spend their money in White Springs so he and Julie decided to provide popcorn and nuts to the Spring Peddle and Paddle with the Suwannee Bicycle Association.  He said during the time he was there an Attorney from J.P. Morgan stopped by and was looking at homes to purchase in White Springs because of the beautiful area.  Another person whose bicycle broke in half was a Real Estate Broker interested in White Springs.  Julie and Scott Gay have done so much for the community and this was a wonderful gesture to show our Town’s support.  Thank you Julie and Scott.   He also mentioned especially directed to Dennis Price that there soon will be activity at the Old Fire House which he owns.  Scott Gay also reviewed the Town’s financials and indicated that White Springs does not have a lot of money to work with.

Mr. Gay indicated we need Sewer also for the S & S Store.  He indicated that the EPA published a book for small towns Ref 27381  9/17 Council Version for Tourism and suggested our council read it.

The New Owner from the Suwannee River Motel now I believe he said was the “Skittles Motel” doesn’t have sewer.  He suggested that we approach bicycle manufacturers like Schwinn and have them invest in signage, by naming the trails after the manufacturers.

Someone indicated that we need to invest in our broken sidewalks and undertake reserves plus water and sewer.  Mayor Miller indicated that the LOFT funds are for sidewalks and we should use the money received for that purpose.

I apologize that I did not get the names of some of the people who had specific complaints.  One individual’s home is devastated and overwhelmed with water. The Town purchases equipment but does not schedule timelines as to when a job is to be done.  The Ditches need to be cleaned and the Staff needs to provide timelines of when something will get done.

Mayor Miller said her goal is to get the right legal advise and the staff needs to use LOFT funs as a restricted Account.   The problem this council will have, however, is the fact that our budget has looked good only because we have used the LOFT funds in the General Fund for purposes other than that which the Statute has defined.  Can we even have a viable budget?  That is a major problem of the current council.

Another person stated the street leaks for two to three months causing water problems for the resident, it gets patched but it leaks again.  It doesn’t matter if you pay your water bill on time each month, the water keeps bubbling month after month with no updates.

Anita Rivers indicated that she oversees the properties in her neighborhood ad the part time residents have a leak behind their house.  Kenny Hutcherson was there to check the damage but there is so much water the resident can’t even cut the grass.   Ray Vaughn has not been back after two weeks.  The Resident is considering bringing a suit against the Town because this leak has been ongoing since 2017.

Anita rivers mentioned that the STEM program for K – 12 will be held from June 17th to July 26th from 9:00 – 4:00 pm at the Stephen Foster Park Aiuditorium with arrangements for early arrivals and late pickups.  It is free and applications can be picked up at the Ranger Station.

Saturday, May 11th, they will be having a Bake Sale and Yard Sale from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the Eco Tourism Center.  Spencer Lofton asked if his donation of a $25 gift card  could be raffled off but the purpose is to sell baked items and Yard sale items.  Tom Moore indicated he was going to donate his famous Key Lime Pie.


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