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For those of you who do not subscribe or pick up the Jasper New, there were two articles in today’s paper.  Although no one has taken credit for the recent news articles in the Jasper News, who ever is writing the articles is fabulous.  Jessie Box is no longer with the paper.

The best article is the “Council to oversee fire department”…having the Chief report directly to the council instead of the Town Manager Stacy Tebo which was approved with a 3-2 vote of course.  Great comments were made of Mayor Helen Miller as well as Tom Brazil, Sr.


The second article is “White Springs receives clean audit”

Yes Tebo feels she should be in charge, she has made a mess of it and has left us with fire protection for 18 months.

Thank you to Tom Brazil, Sr. for your continued support of a viable Fire Department.  If more people would bring forth their comments to the Council perhaps Tonja Brown and Spencer Lofton would stop dissenting solutions which are important to the community.

It was noticed by more than one person that apparently every time Mayor Miller made a suggestion, our Town Manager was passing notes to our Town Attorney.   I’m sorry Joe did not see it for himself because he would have called the two ladies on this issue because anything stated or written is public.   Tebo is so smug on the issue but I guarantee she won’t be so smug when she loses the DeBary appeal and is sued by the  Town of White Springs.  She must be a narcissist like Spencer Lofton because she doesn’t believe she can do wrong.  She needs to see it from the Citizen’s point of view because we have seen her do more harm to White Springs than anyone in the history and we had some very ignorant people involved at times.

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