Bullard, Brown, Jefferson and Tebo should have to pay the Town back for the legal expenses incurred by their malicious and frivolous acts.

Under Section 6.09 Administration of the Budget (b) Payments and Obligations (3)

“Violations. Authorization of payment or incurring of an obligation in violation of this subsection or any payment so made, is illegal.  Such actions shall be good cause for removal of any official who knowingly authorized or made payment or incurred such an obligation and that official shall be personal liable to the Town for any amount so paid.

Therefore, since the Dr. Helen B. Miller Seat forfeiture does not fall within the Town’s Insurance Trust and the Town should have never paid for Stacy Tebo’s Defense against her frivolous complaints of Dr. Miller, Rhett Bullard, Stacy Tebo, Tonja Brown and Willie Jefferson should be responsible for reimbursing the Town.  By spending such money on an attorney to protect the aforementioned official’s interests against Dr. Helen Miller, all legal expenses out of our budget, including Dr. Miller’s attorney fees and court costs etc shall have to be reimbursed by said officials because of this illegal forfeiture.

Insofar as the Anita Rivers’ case where $25,950 was spent without council approval, we have an Employee Grievance Policy in place  IX Disciplinary Page 40.  The grievance procedure is established to provide opportunity to regular full-time and regular part time employees who have successfully completed their initial probationary period to appeal disciplinary actions more serious than a written reprimand.   The submission of an appeal by the employee in good faith shall in no way adversely affect the employee or his or her employment with the Town.  Violations of the discrimination or sexual harassment policies shall not be considered under this section, but shall be brought to the immediate attention of a supervisor, Department Head, or Town Manager and the Town shall react swiftly to investigate and take appropriate action..

Under B. Sexual Harassment 3. Examples of other Illegal or Improper Harassment, Derogatory, critical or uncomplimentary jokes, comments, displays, posters, other written materials as well as actions based on age, race, religion, national origin, marital status or disability are often unwelcome and hurtful to others and can be illegal.  Such actions have no place in the work environment at the Town and will not be tolerated.  Yet in the Town of White Springs not only did Stacy Tebo discriminate against Anita Rivers in spite of what was determined by an attorney, but she also retained a hostile work environment and allowed Pam Tomlinson to continually criticize Anita River’s performance for no reason whatsoever. 

Anyone who has suffered illegal or improper harassment or retaliation or who has observed such conduct should report it to his or her immediate supervisor, Department Head, The Town Manager, or any member of the Town Council.  Any Department Director, Supervisor or manager who is made aware of a potential violation either by the victim, another employee, or a member of the public is required to advise the Town Manager so that the matter may be investigated.

All complaints will be investigated expeditiously.  Upon completion and a determination that a complaint is valid, the Town will take appropriate remedial action, including discipline up to termination of employment.  The personnel manual never said that Rhett Bullard, Tonja Brown and Willie Jefferson would go out of their way to protect the Town Manager by hiring an outside attorney.  The complaint could have been determined in mediation and if Stacy Tebo would have been a good manager to begin with, the expense of $25,950 would not have had to have been spent.   Therefore, it is my hope that our Town and its citizens are not out of the money so spent without full council approval (No council approval).  I would hope that the Commission on Ethics will require Rhett Bullard, Tonja Brown and Willie Jefferson to remedy the situation by terminating Stacy Tebo’s employment with the Town of White Springs and further requiring them to pay the money back to the Town. These remaining officials Tonja Brown and Rhett Bullard could also be removed from office.  If Joe Griffin was required to pay the Town in excess of $40,000 for all his lawsuits regarding the Town’s violations of sunshine laws, statutes and ordinances which were never reviewed by a judge, then I believe the Power of Three should be responsible for paying back the money they have illegally spent on attorneys.  The $40,000 does not include what was paid in our civil suit.


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