At some point we need more Cardiac Paramedics and Equipment

I know Hamilton County is one of the poorest County’s in the area but we are grateful that they even have an ambulance stationed in White Springs.

I am not certain what type of equipment is provided for heart patients, but from what I understand also through Century Ambulance Services as well, especially since they don’t pay their EMT’s much to begin with, they most likely do not have an Ambulance for Heart Patients.

Such Heart Ambulances have the following equipment, which definitely will save lives:


Paramedic ambulances are “emergency rooms on wheels”, carrying a variety of lifesaving and other essential equipment, including:

  • 12-lead electro-cardiogram monitor/defibrillators – allow our paramedics to give hospitals advanced warning of confirmed heart attacks so that cardiac intervention teams can be ready when the patient arrives
  • IV kits for administration of fluids and medications
  • pulse oximeter – measures the percentage of oxygen in a patient’s blood
  • oxygen to help patients breathe
  • CPAPs – machines that provide continuous positive airway pressure for patients with respiratory issues
  • nebulizers to administer breathing medications
  • intubation kits – to open and secure a patient’s airway
  • glucometers – to test blood sugar
  • jump kit – includes laryngoscopes, stethoscopes, bandages, BP cuffs, etc.
  • drug box – aspirin for heart attack victims, adrenaline for allergic reactions, etc.
  • backboards and cervical collars – used to stabilize patients with certain back or neck injuries
  • stretchers with rugged wheels to handle any type of terrain
  • stair chairs – specialized chairs to safely transport patients through tight spaces and down stairs

These medics provide more than lifesaving emergency care. Their caring, compassionate medics provide a heated blanket, a hand to hold, or a toy to cuddle — little extras that make the difference between a satisfactory experience and an exceptional one

Cardiac Ambulance. The incidence of Sudden Cardiac Deaths in the country are on a rise. … Cardiac Ambulance fitted with the right medical equipment and trained paramedics on board can help save the life of a patient who is critically ill and needs constant monitoring, due to cardiac issues.


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2 Replies to “At some point we need more Cardiac Paramedics and Equipment

  1. All ambulances in Hamilton County are staffed with Paramedics and licensed by the state as advanced life support units meaning they are required by law to and they do carry every item on your above list and more. Because we are a small county with a limited tax base we at Hamilton County EMS do try to be frugal with the funding we do receive but we do not skimp on training or equipment for our crews.

  2. Hamilton county EMS is good at what they do. In my personal opinion this council keeps talking about change an that we need change. Well what they need to do is stop beating beating around the bush an take action Remove Stith from the chiefs position find someone who is actually going to do something for this community one who does not have to ask his employees from Century to come do him a favor an act like they a part of this towns fire department. This council needs to take action they spent hours last meeting talking about the fire department and nothing got done. Steve doesn’t not really care if he did he would not have quit two times before he would have stuck it out been a man/leader knuckl down an do the job no run scared like a little whimp which he has done from any real department from what i have been told. Step up to the plate White Springs Town Council an do your job or we will find people to who will do it. Lets make these Changes to help better protect our fellow citizens. The Game is on the line an you Councilors are on deck lets hit this one out of the park. Stand Up Citizens Of White Springs this is your town let your voices be heard.

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